The Queue Jumper

Feelin' all cosy over here!
Feelin’ all cosy over here!

Remember my nice neat piles, sorted with sketches and patterns and all in some sort of order?  Well, I kinda messed that order up a wee bit!  I was all on track with another three Burda patterns traced out and ready to make using the three knit fabrics I bought from Fabricland in Reading at the end of August.  This grey, slightly sparkly knit with toweling type loops was destined for a very different pattern.

The usuper!  Pullover 109 from Burda 10/2015
The usuper! Pullover 109 from Burda 10/2015

But then I clapped eyes on this… Pullover 109 is available from the German Burda website as a download here.  I got the October Burda in the post, from Germany.  They sent it because they used one of my photographs in their “Reader’s Makes” section (why don’t we have on of them in the English version??).  I got to this picture & decided pretty much immediately that it was going to have to be on the top of my list, even if it meant stealing a fabric away from another pattern!  Originally I thought of using a different knit, but thought it was probably too soft (turns out I was right, even this one just makes it, a chunkier knit would give a result more like the one in the magazine).

DSC00197-1It consists of a high funnel neck with side zip on the left, not that you need it to get in or out of the pullover, it’s there for different ways to wear the top.  The front and back are cut off the grain, the back on the bias, and have shaped hems.  I kept the pointed hem in the back but made the front straight – I didn’t need it any shorter, showing off my tummy!  I made the 44 straight, no fiddling.  There is enough ease to wear over tee shirts comfortably, so perfect for layering.

Do the zip up and snuggle in!
Do the zip up and snuggle in!

I used the overlocker on this make, except for sewing in the invisible zip.  The major sewing took about 1.5 hours, then all I needed to do was handstitch the hems and the inside of the funnel neck to the zip tape.  I left it to the morning for fresh eyes!  I don’t think there’s much I would change about this pattern.  Perhaps if I lengthened it at the waist a bit I could reinstate the angled front hem.  It does look good on the original pattern.

The lightweight knit drapes quite nicely
The lightweight knit drapes quite nicely. 

With the zip almost completely open, the “collar” folds over.  Loads of room for showing off a pretty scarf!

That's all folks!  I'm off to make more knits!
That’s all folks! I’m off to make more knits!

So it’s back to the sewing table, to make something that’s actually on the list! 🙂  I hope all your Autumn/Spring sewing plans are progressing well!!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

33 thoughts on “The Queue Jumper”

  1. aaa, ooo and uuuu, how luscious! That sweater is on top of my sewing list too! And how nice to see that is works so well in a drapier knit – I love the chunky Burda version, but always get too hot to keep on chunky sweaters for any length of time. So (as is so often the case) you have inspired me to make this asap. Mmmm, fabric shopping!!

      1. Sounds like an excellent plan, especially as the big local fabric market is just around the corner!

  2. I saw this and wanted it too! I don’t have any suitable knit fabric of course – but AI will be keepingy eyes open! Love the softer look with a lighter knit


    1. Thanks Louise, are you going to the Brum meet-up? Perhaps you’ll find something there. Buying sweater knits online is pretty hit and miss.

      1. Yes I am going – really looking forward to it! Buying online is difficult – you don’t really know what you will get

  3. Ah! The old “wouldn’t it be better used for THIS!” syndrome. 😀
    I do it so often it’s almost an “always” instead of “often.”
    This looks scrummy & oh, so comfy! Would also love to see you in the slightly longer, angled version. hint-hint 😉 he-hee!

  4. Beautiful top! love the exaggerated funnel neck. Fills my criteria for “arty” yet wonderfully wearable clothing.

  5. Oh I saw this on the Burda website and added it to my faves in preparation for next winter. It’s so cool! Looks very chic on you. I wondered about why the zip was there – didn’t occur to me that it was to style the neckline. Clever Burdarians!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Have to stretch my high school German when looking at the site, too – fun!

    1. Heavens, my German is non-existent, so when the German magazine arrived I was a little stumped. But this pattern is in the illustrated “let’s show you how” section, so combined with the diagrams and my use of Afrikaans to translate some of the words, I made it! 🙂

  7. What a versatile pattern, here it looks very Eileen Fisher yet lengthened and worn with skinnies it would have an All Saints vibe, so don’t be too surprised if you get orders!

    1. Ooo, I hadn’t thought of an All Saints vibe – definitely need another! And possibly should get cracking on a pair of jeans, the Ginger jeans pattern keeps giving me the evil eye, propped in the corner of my sewing space!

  8. I love funnel necks, yet patterns that include them are hard to find. This one is especially lovely because of the neck zip! I’m looking for a new project just like this one….

    1. Hope you find something in the stash, I don’t know how easy it will be to buy a suitable sweater knit online.

  9. Lovely shade of grey for a jumper! I am a sucker for really nice looking jumpers since it is all you can see when the colder months come in. Where did you get your cloth from by the way?

  10. I was wondering why there is a zipper needed. But now it makes sense. Your pullover looks wonderful at you!! I will also try this pattern tomorrow. And I also do not use the fabric they’ve recommended… I am already very excited if this will work with the Sweat I will use.

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