Contrast Birgitte

Maria Denmark Birgitte contrast tee
Maria Denmark Birgitte contrast tee

One of the items in my huge pile of goodies to make this season was an idea to use up some of the smaller, left over pieces of jersey from my original Birgitte and the Tessuti Mandy top.  I had in mind a sort of double layer tee, with bits of the under layer peeking out from the upper, but an investigation of the remaining bits of fabric showed there wasn’t enough for my plan.  So I thought of something with a “yoke” instead.

Making sure seams stay lined up while overlocking is such a pain!  I knew I should have done more to ensure these areas stayed put!
Making sure seams stay lined up while overlocking is such a pain! I knew I should have done more to ensure these areas stayed put!

I was really happy with the fit of the Maria Denmark Birgitte, so decided to use that as a basis for my fiddling.  I went with the scoop neck nee this time, lifting the neckline by 5cm in order to create the yoke area.  I had to keep in mind there wasn’t much of the ivory jersey left, so couldn’t go too deep.  I ran the line across the sleeves and back, keeping it all straight.  It does mean that actually, when worn, the line on the sleeves angles upwards, but I’m good with that.  I paired the ivory jersey with the remaining stripe – I obviously forgot what that tiny stripe does to my eyes!!  It has a lovely drape so I thought I’d use that in this tee.  I flared the tee out at the sides by 5cm at the hem, creating a slight Plantain silhouette.

The flare works well with this fabric
The flare works well with this fabric

For the sleeves, I used the long sleeve from the Birgitte, but then shortened it to the 3/4 length.  The reason why I ddn’t just use the 3/4 sleeve is the shape – the given pattern has a slight trumpet shape which I didn’t want this time.  Just straight sleeves for this version.

P1130482-1P1130486-1I’m pretty happy with the result.  I think I’ll take the sides of the scoop in more next time, possibly raise the back neckline by a couple of centimetres too, but these are not earth shattering alterations. I’ve worn this tee loads already and it’s really fitted in well with my current wardrobe.  I have quite a few other tops to show off, somehow the sewing has completely taken over the reporting of the sewing!  There are some tops I made back in September in a rush, fearing I wouldn’t be able to touch a sewing machine for ages after my wrist operation, like the last time.  Thankfully a different surgeon has meant a totally different experience and I was back to sewing within a week!!  Miracle!  So stay tuned, there are more tops coming this way…

Hidden under that voluminous jacket, somethiing else still waiting to be shown off...
Contrast Birgitte hidden under that voluminous jacket, something else still waiting to be shown off…

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

24 thoughts on “Contrast Birgitte”

  1. What a fab too, and made out of leftovers. I like them sort, they feel like a freebie! I think colour blocking always makes garments look more rtw, and yours definitely does, stripes are everywhere in the shops 😃

  2. I love the idea of the yoke, it seems to make the stripes even stripy-er (if that is a word…) and they really pop! Oh, and can you please please please show more photos of that coat – it looks delicious!

  3. Great to see you’ve recovered, and back to sewing! Love your top, and can’t wait to see & read more about your other makes. This is giving me some ideas for bits of my leftover tissue jersey, not to mention the pieces I haven’t touched yet. For some reason when I looked at that neckline my immediate thought was it would be too wide for me. Does yours slip to one side? (That’s a bit of a prob on my orange Renfrew & will alter future editions.) Your make is lovely, and I really like the slight flare at the bottom. Will have to remember that for a Renfrew! xx

    1. Thanks Del! This tee doesn’t slip, but my Plantains do… The neckline of that pattern is just too wide for me. I would probably move this in from the base of the curve to the shoulder, but I am happy with the width at the shoulder. I will add a photo of the pattern pieces if that helps ☺ There are other bits of left-over jersey in my bag, so there will be more of these to come!

      1. Thanks so much for the offer, Anne, but what you’re comfy with on your shoulders is different, as are our shoulder widths and slopes. (Know mine slope a lot). But thank you so much for offering!

  4. Oh I like this and the two fabrics work so well together … there’s something about a good T isn’t there? My remnant bits n pieces get made into Ts for my girls most of the time, which makes me smile. They’re clamouring about who gets the gold and black stripe leftovers at the mo!

    I’m so glad you’re wrist is up to stitching again so soon too.

  5. Great use of leftovers! Stripes are always so chic. And I’m so glad to hear your wrist is doing so well. Amazing the difference a decent doctor can make.

  6. I love the contrast you’ve created. The pattern is similar to my own favourite the Ensis tee by Papercut patterns.

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