Autumn Leaves Jacket

After a flurry of finished projects, and some tidying up of my “fix-it” pile, I’m ready to get going with my leaf print jacket.  Maybe.  I had these two sketches in my sketchbook, either would work for the jacket, but neither was 100% right.

Jacket idea no. 1

As you can see I have copious notes!

Jacket Idea no2 (with alterations)

Ok, so what I’m really thinking of is a bit of peplum detail, but not a wavy, fluffy one.  I like structure, so I like the pleats in version 2.  I also am definitely having the neckline detail in version 1.

So here’s a version with the bits I like together:

“Final” design

Sleeve…  I’m hankering after the Crater Sleeve from Pattern Magic 1.  But full length, or 3/4 with a turn-back cuff?

Crater Sleeve from Pattern Magic 1

I really love that sleeve, and I think with the neckline from the first design it will look fabulous!  I just need to decide on the length…  Also, I need to decide if the style lines actually work on my body, rather than the skinny-minny croquis from my sketch book.  So I put together these:

Autumn Leaf Jacket design sketches

So what do we think??  Here’s another picture of the fabric.

Leaf print for jacket

And here I thought the pattern was ready, and I could cut out this weekend!  Now I’m not so sure.  :s

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

9 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves Jacket”

  1. Love the drawings & love the jacket ideas!! Looks like it’ll have some super flattering design lines & really exciting features! 🙂

  2. Hi love the design lines and love the fabric but might the fabric be a bit busy and not show the great design and detail?

  3. Oh my! This is going to be amazing! I love the design feature and I loved seeing the design progress.

  4. I love your drawings!, like a previous commenter, I think that the pattern on the fabric may draw your eye away from the details on the jacket

  5. Am loving all the details on your jacket. I prefer jackets with full sleeves, so of course I’m going to say, “Go with the full-length sleeves!” But the fabric suggests the 3/4 length. I am in awe of anyone who can sketch and draw like this. Wowsers.

  6. Oh oh oh this looks very very cool – t’will be a gorgeous jacket and the sketches are cute. Wish I could sketch…. I never got out of the scribble phase really.

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