Liberty Dress

Another project done!¬† ūüėĬ† I have finished putting together the Liberty Dress, at long last!¬† Many things conspired against me this week, but there you go, that’s life!

Inspiration picture - dress from Anthropologie
Reception Dress










This is the exact same pattern as the Reception Dress, see how the different weight fabrics affect the hang of the skirt – as well as not having the copious amounts of tulle underneath! All three fabrics are Liberty Tana Lawn, the dress is lined with a white cotton lawn.¬† I interfaced the upper sections with Gill Arnold‘s polyester fine sheer fusible for strength, but again like the Reception Dress, I didn’t bone the bodice.

So here are the shots of the finished garment, I’d love to hear what you think…

Liberty Dress
Liberty Dress
Liberty Dress

Sweet Disposition

Liberty Knot Dress

Here we go, the Knot Dress has a new image!¬† Imagine the difference there would be if this were made in a plain linen…¬† Perhaps that’s the next job.¬† So, here it is – made up in the Liberty Tana Lawn I bought yesterday at Fred Winter in Stratford.¬† What do we think??

Happy Customer

I used French seams throughout, there is an invisible zip in the centre back seam and I bound the neck and armhole edges with self-bias.¬†¬† I turned in 5mm on the hem before turning up 3cm, and machine stitched.¬† It was actually easier making this version than the toile, simply because the fabric was so much less bulky. I like the little tucks in the back. There are two 5cm long tucks to catch in the bulk of the fabric and stop it from being too tent-like.¬† I am glad I removed the extra fullness in the centre front, it definitely wasn’t needed.

Bow and Knot Detail

I encourage you to give it a go if you are so inclined, the pattern wasn’t hard to draft.¬† There are lots of little things to do on it, so just keep focus otherwise you will lose your place!¬† Overall, I am really pleased, as is daughter no 2!

Knot Dress

Hello, my name is Anne, and I am a fabric addict

So there I was, waiting for the sewing repair man to open, and I thought I’d check out a little fabric shop in Kenilworth.¬† Linda Harper’s is on the High St (opposite Sainsbury’s), nothing to shout about from the outside.¬† I hadn’t been there in years, and wasn’t even sure if it was still there.¬† Once inside I realised I had made a terrible mistake!¬† There was no way I was getting out without buying something!!¬† They have their cotton fabrics all grouped in colour order, then the linens, then the silks, you get where I am going…¬† Wool and fleeces are in a different room.¬† The temptation was ENORMOUS!!

So this is what I absolutely had to have before leaving.¬† I was still looking for something for the Knot Dress, wouldn’t you know it, but nothing in my stash was right.¬† I am not going to use any of these for the dress either, but I know they will come in handy one day!¬† I figure they will make perfect vintage garments, they have that vibe.

Vintage feel cotton fabrics

Fixed sewing machine and overlocker in the boot, I head home, via Stratford.¬† I have run out of calico, so headed to Fred Winter.¬† Once again, a very dangerous maneuver!¬† I added to the calico some vibrant red batik, which will be perfect for a 60’s dress pattern I got from Etsy last month, and a rather interesting Liberty print – which I think is the fabric for the Knot Dress.

Liberty Tana Lawn and Red Cotton Batik

What do you think??