Resolutions etc.

New Year’s resolutions are all over the place, stash-busting, sewing for pleasure, sewing more, etc, etc.  But what if you aren’t all that enamoured with some of what’s in your fabric stash?  What if the patterns you have just aren’t getting you all fired up?

Now I’ve got you!  As all sewists know, it doesn’t take long for the fabric & pattern buying bug to take hold, and before you know it, even the most dedicated have a growing pile hidden somewhere in the sewing room.

Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes & I had a brainwave earlier this month, a solution.  So while you have your stash out all over the room trying to decide what to use for your next stash-busting project, take note of what you have, and what’s just not working for you anymore.  We’ll let you into the plan this weekend, so stay tuned!!


I have another blog decoration!  Evie from Pendle Stitches has been kind enough to pass on a Premio Award.  This is awarded to people who comment on blogs.  Comments are great, they mean people are visiting, and reading, and have opinions to share.  I  love comments, and do try to answer all of them.  Rest assured that even if I haven’t replied, I have definitely read them!  Thank you all for your comments, and I hope to receive many more!

I am passing on the award to the following who have commented on my blog;

Scruffy Badger

Tia Dia

The Material Lady

Catherine Daze

Calico Stretch

Dreaming of Avonlea

Vintage Modern Cupcakes


Thank you ladies!  And apologies for no picture atm, I will post it when I have time to go over my instructions on how to do it again!  😀