2020 – already!?

This is the post that should have greeted you at least a week and a half ago!¬† ūüėÄ

Well Christmas went fast this time, didn’t it?¬† Presents wrapped, food ready, party clothes prepared…¬† And now we’re a week into January and I feel I haven’t quite touched base yet!¬† The visitors went home just before New Years to celebrate with their friends, leaving us oldies to drink the rest of the wine and eat the remaining mince pies on our own.¬† I had grand plans to do some sewing, but they never got started!

I have decided that this year I really do need to actually do some of the things I’ve been saying for years that I will do.¬† Like make that *^&%¬£¬£%*&) coat!¬† Correction, THOSE coats!¬† (I have a pile of patterns I want to make, and the fabric is sitting in the stash.¬† We all know how much space coatings take up, so I’m very keen to get them out!)¬† And join in with other online activities.¬† And learn something new.¬† And crack on with the stashbusting.¬† Further to that I bought myself, at a special price, two quilt patterns for my birthday.

Quilts??¬† I hear you gasp!¬† I’m not talking traditional quilts here, although they’re very nice and all.¬† They’re just not me.¬† I think it’s more the patchwork side that’s not me than the quilting.¬† But I do love the modern quilts, all geometric and dramatic and bold.¬† So when I saw a new quilt pattern on Instagram, I sort of fell…¬† Soo – I have made a patchwork quilt top, still need to finish the rest of it, and I’ll show you all that later.

On the joining in side, Stephanie at Sea of Teal has launched a project to Sew Your Wardrobe Basics.¬† It does what it says on the tin, to act as encouragement to get those “unexciting” projects sewn.¬† I say unexciting, but when you’ve made a new pair of jeans, it’s pretty exciting!¬† This month’s theme is denim and I really needed to get more jeans made.¬† After last year’s slim leg Ash jeans debacle, I’m ready to give them another shot, and hopefully this time I’ve got the sizing right…

So here we go, into the new year with promise and purpose!  See you on the other side!


Welcome 2016, any chance you saw what happened to 2015?

Well, there it is then, a new year.  A fresh twelve months in which to attempt to clear the stash, sort the piles of wobbly fabrics begging to be made and rifle through pages of Burda patterns, PDFs and pattern cutting books.

2015 passed in a bit of a blur for me, it’s wasn’t my most sucessful year!¬† So here’s to a new beginning, although I am certainly not going to write any resolutions or that sort of stuff.¬† I find if I make those things too definite, they never get done! (weird I know)

I’d like to start by welcoming followers, new and old to my little world of sewing and fabric buying.¬† There will be posts (intermittent) and purchases (frequent), and in my head I would have written a dozen blog posts a month – definitely not per week.¬† So if you can possibly stand the non-regularity with which I run my life, it’ll be good to see you all on the other side.

I am at present looking at a whole stack of things I have made in the last few months, but apart from a little peak on Instagram, haven’t shown anyone.¬† Not sure whether to correct this by running up a pile of posts or cramming the makes into just a few round-up posts.¬† I might let you guys decide.

In the meantime, enjoy munching the last few slices of Christmas cake, putting away the remains of the decorations and thinking of gym memberships.¬† I will start working on actually showing you all what I’ve been making, what I thought of it and whether it’s worth making again!

Happy New Year everyone!

Processed with VSCO with j6 preset
Wearing handmade to a winter wedding

Welcome 2012

Well, it has been a while!¬† Alopogies for being AWOL.¬† I must be the most frustrated sewist around at the moment!¬† I haven’t been able to get near my own work for a long time now.

There is a word of caution to all those who start to sew, and then show off their accomplishments.¬† Other people want you to “do something” for them.¬† Hemming.¬† Repairs.¬† CURTAINS!!¬† AAARRRGGGHHH

However, I am chronically incapable of using the “no” word, so I guess the pain has been self inflicted.¬† My New Year’s Resolution??¬† To be more disciplined, and to say “NO”!

A very Happy New Year to all, may you have many opportunities to succeed beyond your expectations!