Me-Made-May 2014


It’s time for Me-Made May again!  Last year I didn’t sign up, mostly because I had made precious few clothes for myself & would just have been repeating the same items from 2012.  But – with the help of the Wardrobe Architect project and a renewed sewjo, I hope to have some new outfits to revel in for the spring & summer.

“I, Anne, will endeavour to wear all handmade (me-made) clothing – apart from undergarments, jeans, shoes & knitwear – for the month of May.  I am also going to rope in Daughter No2, heaven knows she has enough handmade clothes in her wardrobe to cope with a month!  I recon she can do at least one item of Mum-made clothing each day for the month.”

With only a month to go & a groaning sewing table & bulging fabric cupboard, I’m off to add to my collection of Me-made!  My challenge was supposed to be assessing my wardrobe and making sure the Wardrobe Architect project was working.  Unfortunately I have managed to sew more items for other people than for myself in the intervening time, so have a rather limited wardrobe.  I am hoping to identify the gaps and sew like mad to patch the holes in my selections.


There have been so many great outfits on show, and so many bloggers taking part!  I wonder if Zoe knows just how many sewists have signed up?

Day one for me was spent sewing – for someone else!  So I opted for a pair of slouchy linen caramel trousers and a black broiderie anglaise fitted blouse.  Both are Burda patterns, the blouse made 2 years ago and the trousers a little more than that!  I’ve worn them loads!!  Blouse:  Burdastyle 01/2011, style no 107.  Trousers:  Burdastyle 03/2004 style no 116.  I even managed accessories!  Tumbled bead necklace with orange porcelain beads, thrifted bracelet with orange/red glass.  Gold metallic shoes from New Look (last year).

Day One

Daughter No 2 opted for a Mum-made dress.  This is a vintage pattern, Style 2167 I made last year for her, full of mad colours.  If I’m scared of prints, she’s definitely not!  She added the green linen Bellatrix Blazer I made last month and a pair of black tights & ankle boots.  It may be May, but it’s still chilly here in the UK!

Daughter No2 - Day 1
Daughter No2 – Day 1


Another day sitting in front of the sewing machine for me.  My outfit today is a pair of linen trousers, recently dyed grey from chocolate brown. I wear them so often now they’re a different colour!  The pattern is Burdastyle 102, 07/2009.  The blouse is a Liberty print cotton voil, white with grey “fans”.  The pattern is self-drafted and this is another make I wear a lot!  My accessories are blue today, a paua shell & silver bracelet, Bermuda blue Swarovski twisted disk pendant & silver shoes to finish off.

Day 2
Day 2

Daughter No2 wore a shirt originally made for her sister.  The photo doesn’t show it very well.  It’s blue pinsripe stretch cotton, ex Paul Smith fabric.  I used Burdastyle 126 from 12/2008.

Daughter No2 -Day 2
Daughter No2 -Day 2


Day three, Saturday.  I had planned to spend the morning finishing another Bellatrix Blazer while Daughter No2 continued with revision for her A-level exams before heading to her Saturday job in the afternoon.

My outfit consists of a pair of stretch linen caramel trousers, Burdastyle 102, 07/2009.  You’ll see this pattern reference cropping up a lot – I do love the pattern!  My blouse is a midnight blue georgette self-drafted blouse, again, you’ll be seeing a fair bit of this one!  I made the trousers back in January, but never got round to blogging about them. I may have to rectify that.  Accessories are a turquoise ceramic pendant necklace made by Alice Shephard, a mint & silver bracelet & my current favourite shoes, patent mint slingbacks from New Look.

Day 3
Day 3

Daughter No2 opted for a blouse I made for the first Sew for Victory last year, but the second one I made using a fabric she chose from a visit to a sewing show.  She teamed it with an orange vest top & blue jeans.

daughter no2 day 3
Daughter no2 day 3


It’s a sunny Sunday!  Husband decided it would be a good day for a drive & lunch out somewhere, s while he cleaned the car & took the hard-top off the SL we took our photos in the garden.  My outfit consists of a pair of re-blacked linen swooshy trousers, another Burda pattern I’ve used many, many times and my Jungle January blouse.  Accessories are tan canvas Boden slingbacks, a clear crystal Swarovski pendant and a chunky lime green acrylic bracelet.  The trousers are Burdastyle 112 04/2000.

Trousers:Burdastyle 112 04/2000 & Jungle January Blouse
Trousers:Burdastyle 112 04/2000 & Jungle January Blouse

Daughter No2 chose the paisley chiffon blouse I made last year, Burdastyle 112, 10/2013.

Burdastyle 114 10/2013
Burdastyle 114 10/2013


Bank holiday here in the UK and Daughter No1 & boyfriend were meeting us at a little village in the Cotswolds called Bibury.  It’s really cute and has a fabulous trout farm where you can feed the fish in their ponds, walk along the planted paths and even catch a trout to take home for your supper if you so desire.  We skipped that part, the girls (& the boyfriend) were a bit squeamish about bopping the caught fish on the head to ensure they were properly dead.  Instead we had a wonder and a lovely lunch.

My outfit wasn’t completely handmade today.  The pistachio waterfall cardigan is one I made a couple of years ago now, Burdastyle 138 08/2011 from a bamboo jersey.  Sometimes I’m not entirely sure of the colour, but it definitely adds some oompfh to what I’m wearing!  The trousers are one of my tried & tested, Burdastyle 116 03/2004 and the grey tee is the offending non-handmade item.  But I love it!

Me, Day 5
Me, Day 5

As both girls were around, I decided they could both show off their clothes today.  Daughter no1 is wearing a pair of black & white houndstooth print cropped trousers, Burdastyle 123 06/2011 & Daughter no2 chose a vintage Butterick sleeveless blouse in blue print viscose.

left, daughter no2, right, daughter no1
left, daughter no2, right, daughter no1
Daughter no2 in her vintage Butterick blouse
Daughter no2 in her vintage Butterick blouse


After a morning spent in non-me-made workout gear, I opted for my new favourite linen trousers, Burdastyle 102, 07/2009 and a linen blouse, Burdastyle 01/2011, style no 107.  For those who remember, this is the same pattern as the black embroiderie anglaise blouse I wore on day 1, but with the darts exposed as in the original design in the magazine.  This is one of the most patterned things I own, and I feel a little odd in it, it makes me feel as if my top half is mahoosive compared to the rest of me!  I accessorised with a pale blue beaded cuff, metallic loafers and a handmade shopper.  This bag is cool, it’s made from recycled coffee bean bags and a little biasbinding & simple handles.  It’s great for popping to the shops for a fruit & veg run.

Day 6
Day 6

Daughter no2 chose a dress today as it was lovely and sunny.  Of all the dresses (and there are lots, trust me) she chose this gorgeous peony print I made from a vintage Simplicity pattern & added her pistachio Bellatrix blazer.

Vintage Simplicity dress & Bellatrix Blazer
Vintage Simplicity dress & Bellatrix Blazer


Brr, it got cold today!  I’d planned to spend time with a friend for her birthday this morning, but that didn’t pan out, so instead I had morning tea with two other friends!  I wore my Atomic silk blouse and a pair of linen trousers made with Burdastyle 102 04/2000.  These used to be a two-tone, shot linen, a sort of teal and purple!  I wore them a bit with plain white or grey tees last year, but it didn’t feel right, so I threw them in the washing machine with some Dylon Pewter Grey dye & I absolutely love the new colour!  Much more wearable!  Accessories are my mint slingbacks (which I love with these trousers) and a sparkly Swarovski braclet.   I also needed the grey scarf (not handmade) to keep my neck warm.

Atomic blouse & Burdastyle pants
Atomic blouse & Burdastyle pants

Daughter no2 was blown away by the attention her Bellatrix blazer got yesterday on Flickr, so she decided to wear it again today!  She’s teamed it with a white button through linen skirt fully lined with cotton that I made about 4 years ago for her sister, but who never wore it.  I will add the pattern info when I can find the magazine, but right now I have no idea which month & year it’s from.  The black & white chevron blouse is from H&M, shoes from New Look.

Bellatrix Blazer & Burdastyle skirt
Bellatrix Blazer & Burdastyle skirt


I awoke to a dull, rainy English day, thinking I’d spend the say sewing & ignoring what was going on outside my window.  But an hour later I had an invitation to go to Bath & see the Kaffe Fasset exhibition at the American Museum.  I went for comfort, Bath is a 2 hour drive away, & I wasn’t going to go for linen pants!  Today’s outfit is jeans from Marks, my self drafted big spot blouse & my favourite mint slingbacks 🙂  I had to take my own photograph because my photographer had already left for school.  If you have the chance to go to the exhibition you won’t be disappointed.  It isn’t big, but boy does it pack a punch of colour & pattern!

Jeans (bought) & self drafted blouse
Jeans (bought) & self drafted blouse

Daughter No2 went for an eclectic mix today.  Damson coloured stretch twill trousers made for the Monthly Stitch’s Smarty Pants challenge & a cotton floral print vintage Simplicity pattern from the 1940s.  Paired with her 60s style coat from Primark it makes a fabulous outfit.

Vintage blouse & Burdastyle cigarette pants
Vintage blouse & Burdastyle cigarette pants


Messing around today, heading out to Leamington for fabric for some of my new projects.  I used to look in at Fred Winter in Stratford on Avon first, but lately they’ve had nothing I’ve wanted to buy.  I got lucky in Leamington Spa though, 4 perfect pieces…  I went with shop bought jeans again (I know, I really do need to make more of my own) and a Liberty silk blouse made 2 years ago from the same Burda pattern as my Atomic blouse.  I paired it with my ever-present navy linen jacket, another Burdastyle staple.

Burdastyle silk blouse & linen jacket
Burdastyle silk blouse & linen jacket

Daughter No2 chose a monochromatic scheme today, black New Look jeans & white New Look blouse with her new Bellatrix Blazer.  The only pop of colour is her snazzy red shoes.

Tuxedo Bellatrix Blazer
Tuxedo Bellatrix Blazer


Another Saturday!  This time my jeans are handmade – and self drafted to boot!  I made these last year & probably need to make more, although I’d lengthen & widen them a bit.  They are joined with my self-drafted blouse, Silver Lining, lime green loafers & a chunky acrylic bracelet.

Day 10, self-drafted day
Day 10, self-drafted day

Daughter No2 chose a blouse I made a couple of years ago from the remnants of a floral cotton I’d used for a dress for her sister.  I had to piece the pattern together because of the odd shapes of the remaining fabric, but it was totally worth it. Burdastyle 125, 02/2009.

Burdastyle blouse in floral cotton
Burdastyle blouse in floral cotton


It was a teaching day today.  I chose to wear a pair of swooshy linen trousers, a shop bought tee that I love & topped it off with my jacquard cropped Burdastyle jacket.  Mint shoes & turquoise bracelet add colour.

Burdastyle linen trousers & jacquard jacket
Burdastyle linen trousers & jacquard jacket

Daughter Now topped her jeans off with a bamboo jersey teeshirt & Liberty cotton lawn wrap-over blouse, another Burda pattern, but one I cannot for the life of me find the details of right now!

Burdastyle tee & wrap-over blouse
Burdastyle tee & wrap-over blouse


My new favourite self drafted blouse & pale linen trousers, accessorised with Swarovski heart pendant & lime green loafers. Not sure I should be going out in public with my hair all tied up, it makes my head look so small!


Daughter No2 had an exam today, so was off to school in her smart stuff, chosing a comfy dress & another Bellatrix Blazer.


More sewing for me, so I opted for floppy black linen trousers and the only Plantain I’ve made so far!  It’s a shame, I really must get more pretty jersey, it’s a great pattern – and free to boot!


Daughter no2 is wearing her mad trousers, the best wearable toile ever made according to her!  The chambray shirt is also me-made.



Time to head into the jungle again!  This time paired with my re-dyed grey-brown linen trousers & favourite mint slingbacks.


Daughter No2 is wearing something she’s made this time!  She chose a blue Liberty print lawn last summer & wanted to make a vintage shirt pattern I’d used before in a Paul Smith shirting.  Well, she finally finished it off this weekend, so this is all her work:

Vintage Style pattern in Liberty cotton - properly "me-made" not Mum-made!
Vintage Style pattern in Liberty cotton – properly “me-made” not Mum-made!


More creases & wrinkles in my blue-grey linen trousers!  But my grey Renfrew never lets me down, accessorised with grey marl cardi, mint shoes & silver & turquoise necklace.


Daughter No2 is wearing her cute rose bouquet print twill trousers, made last year.  I must make this pattern again, it fits her so well.



Pretty much every colour in my wardrobe is toned down, blues, greys, black with a bit of white.  This is the only top I have that does not conform, I could not resist the silk when I saw it, it’s getting on now, I must have made it at least 3 years ago now.  The pattern is a Burdastyle kimono blouse, from which magazine I have no idea, I’ve managed to lose the traced pattern.  Paired with my pale linen trousers and floral print sneakers it works really well.  I love wearing my Murano glass pendant with it too, plenty of oompfh!


Daughter No2 was determined to take advantage of the lovely warm weather & chose this self-drafted dress I made for her from a red & white John Kaldor print.  Teamed with her black biker jacket it looks pretty cool.

day 16


This time I can’t give any info on the tee I’m wearing.  It was a test pattern and as it hasn’t been released I’m keeping mum.  But I couldn’t help wearing it, it’s fab!  It’s worn with my caramel linen trousers, acessorised with mint shoes (of course!) & bracelet and amber & silver necklace.


Still determindly taking full advantage of sun & temperatures in the mid 20s, Daughter No2 is wearing another dress based on the self drafted version she wore on Day 16.  This time in pale blue stripes with a broiderie anglaise trimmed underskirt.

day 17


My new self drafted blouse!  Worn with self drafted jeans this really is “me-made”!


Daughter No2 is wearing a blouse I made for myself originally, over a pair of customised denim shorts.



Another lovely sunny warm spring day – it won’t last!  My offering for the day is a pair of Burdastyle trousers in pale grey linen, I haven’t blogged these at all, the pattern is from 2013/01.  The tee is a version of the test pattern I made before with the stripe viscose jersey.  This time I’ve used a v-neck and made it in cotton jersey.  Accessories are handmade flower brooches to tart-up the neckline, silver-grey pearl bracelets & a splash of colour with my blue & orange Boden sandals.


Daughter No2 wore a cotton skirt I called Barbara.  It’s a self drafted pattern I made last year.



Time to repeat!  Blue self drafted blouse with caramel linen blend Burdastyle trousers.


Daughter no2 chose this lightweight cotton top for today, Burdastyle 113 from 04/2011.



That unblog-able stripe viscose jersey tee with blue-grey linen trousers, accessorised with gold locket, nutmeg slingbacks & wooden bracelets.


Another test pattern!  All I’m saying is this is a Kimono jacket, using cotton from my stash & taking a very short time to make.  🙂




Fabric shopping for Snowball, in the rain…  Burdastyle linen trousers, silk top & linen jacket.

DSC08560-1Daughter No2 opted for these spotty high waisted cropped trousers.  The fabric is from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton & I have a feeling they still have some…



I forgot to take a photo!  But here is Daughter No2 with her vintage skirt in black jacquard.




Daughter No2 is all weekend casual in her Liberty jersey ribbon print Burdastyle tee.



Self drafted blouse with bought jeans, Swarovski pendant, silver bracelets & lime green loafers.


Daughter No2 is in her new favourite dress!  This just finished yesterday for #SewingIndieMonth is the Snowball from Waffle Patterns.


Rain!!  Navy Burdastyle jacket, Liberty silk top & pale linen trousers.DSC08609-1


Daughter No2 picked out these great highwaisted Burdastyle trousers for today.



Singing in the rain!  Self drafted jeans, plantain tee & Burdastyle waterfall cardigan.


Daughter No2 decided a bit of colour was in order…  High waisted cropped Burdastyle trousers.



More pale linen trousers, this time with my self-drafted Jungle January blouse.


Daughter No2 is wearing a green jersey Renfrew & self drafted pleated skirt.



Self drafted blue top and Burdastyle grey linen trousers.



Daughter No2 decided today was a dress day, this is a vintage pattern made up in navy linen & cotton gingham.

30 may


Going out on a high note!  This is my self drafted spotty jacket – which fitted better when I made it 3 years ago…  Worn with Burdastyle linen trousers & a white cotton jersey test tee.

DSC08684-1Daughter No2 decided to go out with a bang!  Or a big flash of colour..


We were going out for lunch, so fancy was good.  This is a vintage Butterick pattern I made her last summer & she’s been dying to be able to wear it again, just needed the right weather!



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