Me Made May 2017

Here we go again!  Last year I kept the photos only on Instagram, this year I’ll do both IG and posting here.  That’s because I can put more detail and information with the pictures on the blog.  As far as a pledge goes, I will wear only items I’ve made myself (the odd jumper and underwear excluded).  I need to be sure that I’m still making a considered, match-able wardrobe of delicious clothes for the summer, let’s just hope that the weather plays along and lets me wear those items without needing to cover up with a massive coat…  See you all on the other side!


Day 1

I’ve been thinking about the challenge of me made May. Just to say I’ll wear only me made items is a bit of  a cop out  really.  I already wear 98% handmade so that’s not exactly difficult. So this morning when I was deciding what to wear, I thought of what I don’t have that’s me made. And nice… When it hit me.  Pyjamas.  My favourite set is a silk nest ensemble I got from Marks and Spencer years ago, the other is a pair of self drafted pants & a Burda top.  But they’re not pretty. Not “nice”.  So I had a quick peak in the stash and dragged out these fabrics.

I have the Closet Case Files Carolyn Pyjamas pattern on the computer, so that’s what I’ll make.  So my challenge is this, to identify items that I will need in my handmade wardrobe and get cracking making them by the end of the month!  In the meantime, this is my me made for day one, a pair of linen and cotton Burdastyle trousers made last year (116 3/2004) and a warm grey cowl jersey top, another Burda pattern I made year before last and never blogged.

Day 1 outfit

Day 2

I spent the morning tracing the Carolyn Pj’s, getting the top cut and sewn in the afternoon.  It’s been a quick make, nothing tricky. Today’s outfit is a pair of unblogged silver grey Burdastyle trousers, 118 from April 2009, dark grey viscose jersey Burdastyle tee, 138 March 2011 & over the top is my sparkly silver Longley Cardi by MY Wendy Ward.

Day 3

A day of baking  for a friend and sewing for me. Another day of grey, new Burdastyle trousers (6689) in grey cotton sateen from Fabric Godmother & self drafted cowl drape tee.

I seem to like pale grey  trousers with darker tops!

Day 4

Baste and Gather Birkin Jeans, the last pair I made (I have 5…) and most probably the best pattern for jeans ever – not that I’ve made many (any) others!  Worn with a Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono tee.  This tee was made from the left overs of a Birgitte tee and a Lark tee.  The front is plain, like the Lark, but the back is grey stripes!  I am determined to have as little left over fabric from sewing this year as possible.  I really don’t want boxes full of left overs when they could be full of perfectly good, full lengths of fabric!

Day 4 Birkin Flares & Kirsten Kimono tee

Day 5

Mandy Boat Neck Tee from Tessuti in a tiny stripe viscose jersey and my Birkin Flares again.  Yesterday they were only worn for about 2-3 hours when the allotment and the sunny day called, so I switched them for an old pair of RTW jeans.  I really should make another Mandy, I wear this one loads!

Day 5 Mandy tee and Birkin Flares

By the way, I finished the mad print pajamas!  That’s the first bit of my Me Made May challenge done.  I might add something else.  I must use more from my re-cut, re-make bag this month.  Not going to put a limit on it, but just use more, try to get that bag a little emptier.

Carolyn pajamas, top is handbag print cotton poplin, shorts pink cotton chambray

Day 6

First weekend!  I thought it would be warmer than it actually turned out, so I’m in linen…  Navy and white herringbone linen Burdastyle trousers in my favourite pattern and a Birgitte tee that got all shook up.  I don’t seem to have ever blogged it!  It got a contrast yoke, shirt shaped hem and little box pleat in the centre back.  Another tee that I wear quite a lot.

Day 6 Burdastyle linen trousers and Birgitte tee

Day 7

The day dawned bright and sunny and beautiful, so we decided to visit Packwood House, a National Trust property.  We also checked out a few garden centres and bought some plants.  I chose silver grey Burdastyle trousers, (118 April 2009) the viscose Burda top I made last month (138 August 2011) and a navy linen Burda jacket, (April 2009) made years ago!  The jacket was picked in case it was still chilly, it got taken off the minute we got to Packwood House!

Day 7, Burda head to toe


The garden at Packwood House was singing in the sunshine!

It was a glorious day, the sunshine was very welcome after a week or more of cloud.

Day 8

Cream herringbone linen trousers (Burdastyle 116 March 2004) and self drafted navy georgette blouse.  I felt rather “grown-up” today…

Day 8

Day 9

I had a nice clear-out of jersey left overs last night, I decided to be ruthless, if it wasn’t big enough, didn’t match anything else in colour or weight, it had to go!  I saved a small piece of ivory viscose jersey and this silver marl to make a contrast Maria Denmark Birgitte tee.  Cut last night and sewn quickly this morning while in my pjs, I have a new tee!  Worn with a pair of Birkin Flares.

Day 9 Brand new Birgitte tee!

Part two of my challenge for the month is off to a good start, time to get those scraps used up!

Day 10

I made another top!!  Scrapbusting again, I found I had enough of this gorgeous viscose to make Burda top 105 from Feb 2016.  Cut on day 8 and sewn yesterday, worn with navy blue linen Burda trousers (103, April 2013)  made last year.

Day 10

Day 11

Starting with clothes to work in the garden in.  I have an allotment (!) that I’m trying very hard to plant up with beautiful flowers and shrubs so I have my own cutting garden.  no veg, I’m afraid!  However, it has been long neglected and the soil is in very poor shape.  Today was a dig day, so I wore yesterday’s linen trousers and a navy Birgitte tee I made last year.  I was after comfort and being cool, but I don’t do shorts…  I added the lightweight GBSB Slouchy Cardi made a few years ago, but that came off the minute I got to the allotment, it was warm enough without it after my walk down.

Day 11

Bonus outfit for day 11 – I needed something much cleaner after finally getting back home.  Navy Birgitte tee, cream linen Burdastyle trousers and stripey Wendy Ward Longley Cardi.  The tee was made last year, trousers a few years back, another version of 116 3/04, and the cardi was made last year.

second outfit for day 11

Day 12

Of to meet a friend for tea and cake! It’s raining today – finally, so I chose Birkin Flares and my silk refashioned Burda top.

Day 13

Weekend again, Yay! My Sunday sewing group are meeting in a Saturday this month, I have to be flexible! Today’s outfit is blue and white herringbone linen trousers (Burda) and a self drafted navy georgette blouse. I rather like wearing it half tucked in like this. So I’m off for a day off chatting, drinking tea and supervising my sewing group.

Day 14

A relaxing Sunday, but going to the allotment today – well, at least not to do any digging! I’m wearing my new-ish Burdastyle grey trousers and the newer linen jersey and silk top. Blog post to follow soon, this is its first outing!

So we’ve made two weeks so far, a couple of repeat items, because I like them so much.  I’m honestly not worried about repeats, if I was, I’d have to have loads more stuff in my cupboard!!  I’ve done fairly well on my own #mmmay17 challenge. I’ve made one pair of pj’s, am planning another and I’ve used up left over pieces of fabric to make things I’m short of.  I have also identified something else missing from my wardrobe:  Clothing suitable for gardening in!

Day 15

Turned rainy and windy today, inside work!  Wearing Birkin Flares and my new Burdastyle top in a gorgeous viscose.  I will blog this soon, promise!

Day 15

Day 16

A wet day, but perfect for indoor persuits.  I’m off to an RHS lecture at Pershore College, wearing a pair of Birkin Flares, Mandy Boat Neck Tee and my favourite Burda navy linen jacket.

day 16

Day 17

Still raining!!  Wearing another pair of Birkin Flares, a Burdastyle cowl drape long sleeve tee and a different version of the jacket from yesterday!


Day 18

After buying a tree for the allotment I am really keen on getting down there and getting planting!  But it’s a muddy, soggy mess right now, so sewing it is!  Wearing Burdastyle linen flared trousers and Maria Denmark Birgitte Tee


Day 19

Heading into Birmingham today, might squeeze in a little fabric shopping…  Birkin Flares, Birgitte Tee and Burdastyle linen jacket.


Day 20

Burdastyle linen and cotton trousers made last year and my new-ish Burdastyle top.


Day 21

Off to the allotment!  I think it’s finally dry enough not to bring half of it home stuck to the bottom of my wellies.  Wearing a striped Birgitte tee and linen Burdastyle trousers.

And wellies!!!


Day 22

A home day, so sore after yesterday’s grafting!  Burdastyle navy linen trousers made last year and Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee.


Day 23

A headache day, means no sewing no gardening and lots of hiding in the dark and sleeping.  Wearing a Birgitte Tee and Burdastyle viscose trousers – secret pjs, they really are!!!


Day 24

Self drafted cowl drape tee in striped viscose jersey and Burdastyle linen and viscose flared trousers.


Day 25

It’s got warm!!!  Keeping cool in my new Burdastyle viscose top and linen Burdastyle trousers.


Day 26

Hot again, so I’m heading out to the allotment early to get some watering in.  Burda viscose trousers in the same fabric as yesterday’s top and a Burdastyle viscose jersey tee.


Day 27

Painting day!  An old pair of black Burdastyle linen trousers did the job, and an old shirt of hubby’s.

Day 28

Still painting, we’re transforming the girls’ room into a guest room, and in the process hoping to make progress in turning the spare room into my very own sewing room!  So no nice handmades to show from the day, but now the day is over, I’m happy to be climbing into bed wearing my Carolyn Pjs.


Day 29

What seems like my new favourite top, and a pair of Burdastyle trousers I made earlier this year.  I’ve spent most of the day in painting gear, this just to visit a friend for a bit.

DSC_1744-01Day 30

I’m ready for the painting to be over and the moving to start!!  Wearing yesterday’s Burdastyle trousers and a Burdastyle top with silk on the back and linen jersey everywhere else.


Day 31

It’s done!!  Wearing Burdastyle top and trousers – of course!  It’s been a good year, lots of new sewists to follow on Instagram and lots of new ideas that will, with no doubt, take until this time next year to get through!


One thought on “Me Made May 2017”

  1. Yep, you’re the reason I bit the bullet and bought the Brikin Flares. They look great on all women and we share a similar hip/leg size. Thanks for posting!

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