Me Made May 2018

Another year of May madness!  🙂  I didn’t do a formal sign up at the begining, mainly because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to achieve this year. May kinda crept up on me this year, so I wasn’t strictly prepared.  But I wanted to play along anyway, and hoped that some bright spark would show itself along the way.  In the end it didn’t really, except for some people to say that I have a lot of trousers, and I haven’t shown a dress…  Well, I don’t do dresses really.  Actually, I just don’t do dresses, if you’re after those, you’ll have to check out someone elses’ feed!  I just do my own thing.  I guess the one big thing that did show itself was the inspiration from other participants.  Sophie, @adapragg had some amazing outfits (not too sure they’re everyday wearable though) and I have made a nice list of patterns I’ve seen that I’ve decided I really have to make.  One day…

I played along on instagram, but felt I needed some sort of more “permanent” record  that would last longer than the fleeting images on IG.  So I’ve collaged the pics so they take up less room and given a lttle description for each.  A lot of what I wear has been made a long time ago, my clothes are altered and repared and sometimes repurposed, so they are around for a while!  And of course, I’m always making more…

collage 1 mmm 18
In the begining…

collage 2 mmm 18

collage 3 mmm 18

collage 4 mmm 18

  • Day 14:  Allotment edition – old Burda linen trousers and Birgitte basic tee
  • Day 14:  Burda viscose trousers and self drafted tee
  • Day 15:  Allotment edition – old Burda linen trousers, recently cropped, Kirsten Kimono tee and Burda waterfall cardi
  • Day 15:  Burda linen trousers and new Birgitte Basic tee
  • Day 16:  Not sure where this photo went….
  • Day 17:  Burda cropped linen trousers and new Lark tee

collage 5 mmm 18

collage 6 mmm 18

collage 7 mmm 18

collage 8 mmm 18

  • Day 29:  Daughter no 2 pic, don’t know where mine went…  new (unblogged) Burda trousers (made by her this time!)
  • Day 30:  Burda linen trousers and refashoned silk Burda top
  • Day 31:  Cropped Burda trousers and brand new viscose jersey Uvita top.


PHEW!!  That’s the basics, I will endeavour to add links to the garments that are “new” enough to have blog posts so you can get the details, others will have to rely on my old Burdastyle pages.  We generally keep our handmade clothes for quite a while, the tropical print trousers daughter no 2 is wearing in day 22 were made for her while she was still in high school, I think before Sixth Form!  So that means they could be at least 5 years old.  We had to alter them this year, but they are now wearable again and she loves them.

The old Burda trousers I wear to the allotment are about the same age, if not older.  I realised I needed clothes I wasn’t quite so precious about for digging and painting in, but was not prepared to buy them.  So I edited my wardrobe and identified these three items.  For tops I just use tees, they are not especially old or unwearable, and thank goodness (so far) I havn’t damaged them.  So they are still in constant wardrobe rotation.

I’ve loved Me Made May again this year, looking forward to the rest of the year’s sewing challenges now!!


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