The Case of The Cross-Dressing Women


Or 1980s power dressing to anyone who was alive and kicking in that era!  So, I’ve shown Daughter No 1 the patterns and ideas of trousers to make, based on her Pinterest board, and lets just say I didn’t get it quite right.  Sort of on the right track, but not nearly dramatic enough for her!  Our modern tastes aren’t “statementy” enough.  After looking again and a rather long telephone call later, I realised she was after an older look, so I showed her a couple of 90’s patterns, which got a warmer reception than the modern Burda ones, then I found this in my pattern stash!

vogue 1199
1987 Vogue 1199

There were lots of “the right noises” going on, on both sides of the phone, thank heavens for WhatsApp!  The penny had dropped on my end, she wanted 80s stuff!  High waisted, lots of pleats and fabric around the hip area, and turn-ups!  She wanted the waist and hips emphasised, and modern patterns don’t really do that.  So she’s pronounced the pattern with the “cross-dressing women” (her words) to be perfect.  Well, who’d have thought it?!  She wasn’t even around when that pattern came out – in fact, I was only 15…  And I think even I would have thought twice about those pants!  However, now I need to get on and toile.  I have the size 14, the pattern is a single size, so I need to grade down a size and probably take it in more on the waist.  They’ll also need to be shortened, by quite a bit, I think!

Then I had a little look on Etsy to see what else was out there that I could use…

vogue 2027
1988 Vogue Individualist 2027

I love this pattern!  I know, it’s a little nuts, but the trousers are spot on, and I think that jacket is just wicked!  Showing my age much??  It’s not one I would wear though, my boobs do not need gathered pouches to accentuate them in, but for someone with a tiny waist, this is great!  So I’ve taken a chance and bought it.  I have to wait for it to come from Canada, but I have time.  First that Vogue pattern of mine needs work, and of course, there’s a long list of make for myself and make for younger daughter that never ends! 🙂

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

9 thoughts on “The Case of The Cross-Dressing Women”

    1. I loved some of Vogues patterns – especially the ‘wardrobe’ patterns from this era. I was doing my City &Guilds when this would have been released. I remember making jackets with the quantity of shoulder padding in that Montana pattern! We almost needed a go through doorways sideways 😂.
      I’m sure your daughter will be delighted a these trousers.

  1. Wow! That’s a memory and a half! Love the pants in both patterns and tried many times in the 80s to wear that style but just not good for my body shape. Have kept almost all of my 80s patterns and Burda mags they are a treasure. Good luck with making these.

  2. What an era! Memories of Dallas, Dynasty, and Designing Women come to mind. Women gained power and adopted ‘mannish’ (my mother’s term) dressing with big shoulders and 1930’s trousers–yet still maintained that touch of femininity. I loved it. Much success with your daughter’s request and reviving this style.

  3. I know that kind of style from The Labrynth movie etc. I was a kid back then. Absolutely love those blouses in Vogue 1199.

    My mum and I have been watching the entire Magnum series (original) And it’s been fascinating watching the changes in not only the fashions but what the apparently ideal gorgeous woman of the times changing. We’re right in the thick of the 80s big hair and big feminine frouncy blouses part of the series. The wardrobe designer could have been using these two patterns to do dress the women!

    Murder She Wrote is another one, you can practically guess the year based on the clothes and hairstyles of the women.

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