Spicy Toaster


Well, it’s finally happened, I made a Toaster Sweater for myself!!  After making so many for the girls, I’m glad to finally have one of my own.  I used Toaster #1 for me.  I like the look of the other version, but thought the length would be too short, the sleeves too long and the neckline too high for me.

Toaster Sweater #1

I adjusted the pattern slightly by adding  FBA and omitting the high-low hem and split side seam detail.  The sleeves needed to be shortened too, I took 4c out of the length!  I evened up the length of the body, making the front and back the same length as the back, and just sewed the side seam all the way.  The Talvikki has that same detail, and it’s ok, but I prefer it without.


My fabric is a spicy rusty terracotta colour that’s rather tricky to label.  I had wanted more of a paprika colour, similar to that of the linen I bought and loved so much in the summer.  This has more red in it, and might be a slightly cooler tone.  But – it will still work with my colours, and that’s what counts!  My good friend, Jane in Chicago sent it to me as an early Xmas present!  She’s a good friend.


The feece has just enough stretch in it to qualify, but next time I’ll make the sleeves wider if my fabric has just that much stretch again.  It’s fine with tight fitting sleeves, or short sleeves, but if there’s more to my shirt underneath, it gets a bit crumpled and uncomfortable.  However – this is a great sweater/fleece!!  It’s so warm!  And that’s the point – to have a warm, cuddly, toasty sweater now the weather has changed and winter is on it’s way.  Now I need to make more…

Nice & Warm!


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

14 thoughts on “Spicy Toaster”

  1. Oh I love your Toaster sweaters. Each one is so perfect.
    I’m intrigued by your FBA with no dart….I’ve still not got the hang of that one and really do need to!

    1. Thank you Evie! Look on Maria Denmark’s site, just google “Maria Denmark FBA” and it should come up! It’s really easy & I use it all the time on tees.

  2. Glad you finally got to your version. Love the color- I am also a redhead so enjoy your makes. I can’t wear a lot of colors that are popular and I try to avoid black- so much drama against my pasty white skin and bright red hair! As it turns white, the contrast will still be more than I think I can take. Stay cosy!

    1. I actually like the coontrast, pale skin with dark clothes. This is a colour that I would never have deigned to wear in the past, but I’m coming round….

    1. Both Toasters are great sweaters, I’ve made 8 for the girls now, between them, not each! 🙂 It’s a quick, satisfying sew.

  3. Also love the colour! Wonder if your friend got the fabric from Vogue up in Evanston. Truly, sewing friends are the greatest! (I am still wearing that blue cotton you sent, and loving it!)

    1. I believe it was from Joann’s…Glad you’ve got use out of those fabrics! Did you manage to use the shweshwe?

      1. Not yet – summers are so humid it is too heavy, and haven’t decided on anything for cooler months. A work in progress! 😉

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