Tea House Dress

What you’ve all been waiting for!  My Tea House dress is done!!  And it’s so pretty!!!  Enough exclamation marks yet?  I don’t think I can use enough to be honest.  This has turned out even better than I pictured in my head.

I had originally bought 2.5m of the gorgeous chrysanthemum print cotton, and ordered another 1.5 so I would have enough for the big pattern pieces, and I’m so glad I went for the extra half a metre!  Do not be tempted to get away with a little less in the meterage if you’re planning on making this dress, go with what it says in the requirements, or you’ll be cursing, promise.  It’ll be worth it in the end.

teahouse 2

The instructions are clear, plenty of diagrams too.  For the details of how I got to this point, see my previous post about the toile, etc.  The majority of this dress was done in one day, all I had left to do the next day was the handstitching I elected to do, and the hem.  The instructions have you topstitch or edgestitch the front panel and the underlying facings, but I decided to handstitch the facings down on the inside instead.  I also handstitched the cuffs instead of stitching in the ditch.  I decided that I didn’t want stitching showing on the outside of the dress.  Except the hem, that I machined.

collage teahouse dress
The Details
teahouse 5
Tea House Dress by Sew House Seven

teahouse 3

I have to admit that while I was working I had a nagging suspicion that I was making a dressing gown…..  Once finished and on Peggy (the dressmaker’s dummy), I couldn’t get rid of that feeling and felt a little down about the whole thing.  Then hubby came home from work and asked why I’d made a dressing gown, as I don’t wear them…  MAN!  I went to bed a little dispondent, then woke up to a huge surprise.

I’d put a pic on IG, and it went mad, so much love for the dress!  I had a little chat with daughter No1, which make me feel more positive about it.  So I put it on – after fixing make-up and hair, and with suitable shoes….  And I love it!  It’s gorgeous, way better than a dressing gown could ever be!  The fabric is devine, the print perfect.

I love the sleeves, the neckline, the ties that give me a “waist”, and the length that seems to make me look tall!  Woohoo!  All the magic, in one clothing item.  If you’ve ever thought about maybe making this pattern, can I just ask, “What on earth are you waiting for!?”

teahouse 6


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

39 thoughts on “Tea House Dress”

  1. Really lovely! This is what I love about instagram and blog posts — a pattern I might have passed by all of a sudden, because I can see it on someone like me, is on my “to-make” list.

    1. I agree! So many patterns I hadn’t thought of suddenly on the radar after seeing them on people who aren’t the models from the pattern companies!

  2. Anne this is just lovely and re-inforces my belief in the power of clothing ,especially when you have created it yourself to affect confidence and joy!

  3. It’s gorgeous on you! I have had several people purchase the pattern after seeing your lovely version – very inspirational.

  4. I have been coveting this pattern and waiting for it in a Simplicity sale here (ha probably another 3 years) and your dress has confirmed I need to get it. It’s beautiful on you and lovely fabric.

    1. I think it’s time you went ahead and bought it! 🙂 Given that you can make it in 3 different lengths, you can have multiples quite easily. I think my next one will be in a warmer fabric for the coming weather!

  5. Its lovely, looks fab on you and the beautiful fabric is a perfect pairing with the pattern!

  6. HI Anne
    I’m fairly new to sewing, I made some easy dresses and some sweaters.
    I have a question about size. Looking at the chart body size: I’m a 12
    But if you look at the finished garment measures, a size 12 looks enormous. Does the dress needs so much extra?
    I do I choose a smaller version?
    (also my top side is smaller than my bottom 😉

    1. Hi Leentje, I made the 16, based on full bust measurement, I found there was enough ease in that size for me. The alternative was to size down and do a Full Bust Adjustment. I toiled and found that the 16 was just fine so I went ahead. At least you don’t need to worry about top halves being smaller than the bottom half, the dress has enough flare in the skirt pieces to skim over everything!

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