I’m Making Me a Dress!


Yup, you read that correctly, a dress!!!  Remember that gorgeous chrysanthemum print cotton fabric I got from Truro Fabrics a the beginning of July?  And had to get more because I got a “reasonable” amount?  Yeah, that will finally be a Tea House Dress, pattern by Sew House Seven.  I traced the size 16, based on my bust measurement, and toiled the top version to see whether or not I’d need a FBA, and whether or not the pattern suited me and I even liked it!


Wondering if it’s “me”

So I bought a floral print duvet cover from the charity shop, I chose a printed fabric because my fabric is covered with flowers, and I wanted to get an idea of what it would look like.  It went together rather well, the instructions are clear, with plenty of drawings for those who need visual input.  There were only a couple of “whaaat?” moments.  When attaching the ties to the centre front panel, you’re asked to “presew” them on.  I’ve never heard that term before, usually the instructions say “baste”.   Then, in the sewing on of the cuffs, you’re asked to “crackstitch” the cuffs to the sleeve.  Say what?  What-stitch?  I checked the glossary and found they mean stitch in the ditch!  I had such a laugh!

collage tea house toile
The toile of the Tea House Dress

Anyway, apart from those wierd bits, the pattern is good.  I like the shape, the ties are at my narrowest bit (not that it’s that narrow), and the neckline looks like it’s not going to be too revealing.  I wasn’t sure whether I really need an FBA, or just to add length.  Then I changed my bra to one that I’d be more likely to wear with the finished dress, and things fit a little better.  So I’ve ditched the FBA, skipped adding length to the bodice and I’ve cut my fabric!!

tea house 1
I’m really glad I bought more fabric! But I’ve since found it online for £3/m less than I paid..

I originally had 2.5m, but after I’d had a chance to think about what I’d make, I quickly ordered another 1.5m.  And thank heavens I did!  Because of the length and funny shapes of the pattern pieces, you really do need a lot of length.  I have a decent amount left over, but not in any solid shape and size.  I tried my best to place the pattern pieces so as not to waste the fabric.  I’m not sure what I’d be able to make with the bits, but I’m sure I’ll eventually think of something!

Both daughters will be home this weekend for a visit, the first since Christmas!  I’m sorta hoping to be able to wear the dress at some point over the weekend – so here goes!




Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

15 thoughts on “I’m Making Me a Dress!”

    1. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to really appreciate something! I’m hoping like mad I’ll still like it and wear it when it’s done…

  1. Wow! I know it’s only the toile but it’s looking good so far. You should wear more dresses. They suit you! Do you always make a toile? Perhaps I work too slowly.i never make one.

    1. Hi Emm, I almost always make a toile, but if I’m making something I’m even 1% unsure of, or I’m using a lovely fabric, I will definitely make a toile. And most of the time, if it’s something for me, I toile. I hate the idea of wasting good fabric! 🙂

  2. Anne, I **love** your toile fabric, and you made it up beautifully! Can’t wait to see the dress and your gorgeous fabric. So glad you were able to order more. Have a wonderful weekend with your girls!!!

    1. Haha, thanks! I guess it was a rather pretty duvet cover… I’m hoping to get it done this week now. We had a great weekend, relaxed, chatted and re-watched old home movies!

  3. Wait, what? I dress and not a Burda pattern????? Lol! It looks gorgeous, I have that pattern as well, looking forward to your final version!

  4. It looks great, looking forward to seeing the real thing! Have you seen the Style Arc Ethel top? Great for using up scraps, and a really nicely shaped top to wear with high waisted trousers. Ive recently made a couple from awkward shaped bits and been very pleased.

    1. I love a top that will use up scraps, I haven’t looked much at Style Arc, their way of doing patterns and sizes is a little odd to me, and I know I’d need various sizes to grade between.

  5. It really really suits you! Yep, I echo the prev commenter…..not Burda??! Not trousers?!! Hehe! This pattern is already on my radar but I’ll now bump it up to my already long autumn wish list…

    1. If it doesn’t work as a dress, I’ll happily revert it to top length! 🙂 And make a pair of trousers to wear with it, of course!

    1. It really is so lovely, soft to handle too! I think the left over bits might be turned into an Ogden Cami for Daughter No1.

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