A little sewing procrastination happened after that mad “help me” post from a couple of weeks ago.  In order for me to get all my thoughts in order and ducks in a row, I decided a quick detour would be a good idea.  I had a piece of red and white viscose crepe left over from a blouse I’d made in January for the Burdachallege 2018.  I also had a pattern I’d traced 106 from April 2013 Burda, it’s only got 4 pieces, quick and easy!  I’d rather liked the look in the magazine when it first came out, but never really got round to making it.

tropic 1
Top 106 April 2013

This year, while I was tracing a pair of shorts from the same magazine for Daughter No2, I remembered this top and traced that too.  A quick toile revealed it was too long for me (5cm) but didn’t need anything else, no FBA! Yippee!  Now one thing to remember, if I were to go by measurements, the 44 would not fit me.  In order for the top to look on my the way it does on the model, I’d need to go up 2-3 sizes.  But there’s no way I’d want to wear it like that!  All I want is a loose-fitting top with a bit of ease – not a tent!  So bear that in mind when judging how tops look on me, compared to someone who’d normally fit into any size bracket.

tropic 2

The pattern pieces fitted on the remains of the fabric easily, neck facings were interfaced with fine sheer fusible from Gill Arnold.  You could, if you preferred, use self-bias binding for the neck edges instead of the facings.  The style is a loose fitting top with pleats at the front neckline with slight drop shoulder and no sleeves.  The pleats were basted in place and steamed to hold the shape until I sewed on the facing.

tropic 3

I used French seams throughout and double turned the hem edges on the sleeve openings and the hem of the garment.  It’s turned out really nicely and I like that I have another red top for the summer!  I have worn the original red top from January loads of times, it gets compliments all the time.  So now I have a summer one!  Thankfully the shape is great for the current weather, and now I want another.  I’m sure I have some small pieces of fabric lurking in the stash that I could use in this pattern, but first….

tropic 4

I must get on with reducing the piles of fabric and pagazines/patterns on the table in my sewing room and covering the bed in the guest room!  I can say that I have made one of the items I rambled about last time, that inky blue linen/cupro blend.  And it’s made fabulous cropped trousers!  Will be showing those off soon…


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

15 thoughts on “Esenciales”

    1. It’s such fun to wear! I will actively look for red now, whereas I wouldn’t even have considered it before! But not online shopping, too many different reds and cameras and lighting, etc!

  1. LOVE this top on you. Might have to give this pattern some consideration–neckline is perfect. Great job!

  2. Anne, this pattern was my one foray with Burda back in 2013, and I am so glad to read your comments on sizing! Now I might revisit it, but with a rayon. Yours is lovely – thank you!

    1. Definitely give it another go, a soft, fluid fabric would work best, if you have the patience to deal with that sort of fabric! 🙂

  3. Lovely top! It’s just the style you end up wearing all the time in this heat and even when it gets a bit cooler it will be a nice spot of colour under a sweater or jacket. I could wear tops like this one all the time!

    1. It’s the perfect shape for the hot weather, no doubt! I think a nice crepe would work well for a warmer top to layer with a cardi or jacket for the cooler weather. Or even wear a long sleeve tee underneath.

  4. I adore this shade of red on you Anne! Don’t you just hate it when people say redheads can’t wear red or pink…so not true! it’s hot here right now and this blouse looks perfect!

    I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Details are on my blog. There’s no pressure at all to join in. xo

    1. For ages I agreed, red didn’t suit me. I think I just needed the right shade of red! Thanks for the nomination xxx

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