My favourite colours, this is a wall of Cornish slate. I love the rusty tone with the dark navy & the greys

I broke my “please don’t buy any more fabric” ban last month.  There I was innocently catching up on my blog reading when I came across a rather delicious looking pair of culottes in the most amazing colour by SewManju.  The colour was exactly what I’d been looking for all year, and linen to boot!  After asking which fabric shop she’d managed to find that beautiful fabric – and getting a reply – I managed to snaffle the last 3m!

rusty 1
Burda cropped wide leg trousers 102 05/17

And I’m a very happy sewist-bunny, this was just the colour I was missing for my palette for this summer (and many to come).  It was instantly washed, dried and ironed, ready for cutting.  I decided not to faff around with different patterns, but to make another pair of cropped wide legged trousers using pattern 102 from Burda 05/2017.  I already have two summer pairs, and another two in winter fabrics. It’s a pattern I can make in an afternoon – so I did!

rusty 2
Out and about in St Ives in my lovely new trousers!

Usually I make the pocket bag linings from a contrasting fabric, something from the scrap box.  Then I use that same fabric for the waistband facings.  But the fabric I really wanted to use was only enough for the facings, so the pockets are all just linen.  The waistband facings are in a pale greyish blue and white flower print Liberty poplin.  Only tiny bits of that left in the scrap box now!  The buttons for the pocket detail are vintage ones found in the depths of the button box.

collage rusty pants
Vintage buttons for detail, Liberty poplin for waistband facings
rusty 4
Walking on Porthmeor Beach

I truly, deeply, LOVE the colour!  It goes with everything else I have, navy tees, white and black and grey tops, all done!  So far I’ve only had a couple of cardigans in this shade of paprika/rust/cinnamon/copper.  It’s really hard to put a lable on it!  So, even though I had two cardigans in the right colour, I decided I needed another “top half”.  And I had just the right pattern for the linen left after cutting the trousers.

rusty 3

I decided to make a pattern up from the Kana’s Standard II book, the jacket “A9”.  I’ll show it to you soon, it’s just been way too hot for another layer….

So that’s another project for this year’s Burda Challenge, and a huge thank you to SewManju for helping me to accquire this perfect fabric <3<3





Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

19 thoughts on “Rust”

  1. I love your rust culottes, they look fabulous on you. I have been eyeing up some knit rust coloured fabric myself…. I don’t think it’ll be too long before I succumb!

  2. Your new trousers look fabulous. Of course you love this color, it is so close to your hair color. Looking forward to seeing the jacket. I once read it is an elegant look when dressed in clothing that is in one’s hair color. Maybe that’s so, maybe not, but I see the correlation here and it looks very good.

    1. Ah, I didn’t know that! But I do love this colour and the cropped trousers! I need more of it in my wardrobe now though.

  3. Those look great! I have been eyeing that pattern, thanks for some motivation to move forward. Your pix are super.

    1. Haha, thanks! It’s easy to be a fool on the beach, you’re just written off as another nutty tourist! It is a great pattern, and quick to make.

  4. Saw & loved Manju’s culottes & now you’ve reminded me I think I’ve got something similar, too. Just need to check it out, and try to locate more blue & white, as your colour wall reminds me that’s how I could use that glorious rust/etc. colour in my summer plannings. So THANK YOU on several counts, Gawjus One! Speaking of this rusty colour…

    Check this out:

    I’ve got some & love the lawn’s hand, drape, etc. Just trying to decide how to make it up (2 yds). Let me know if you want a little swatch… xx

    1. I live to serve! *blush* The print on theat link is great, hope you have a better idea of what to make with it now! Thanks for the offer of a swatch, but I’m ok, thanks! I am loving having that pop of colour in the wardrobe, it really needed it.

      1. As another person who just loves colour, and that one in particular, am also happy to pass along a great find. Am still cogitating on a pattern though. . . half the fun, no?!

  5. They look great Anne. Pleased I could be a facilitator in this instance:-) and Cornwall is also a wonderful place…we had our summer holiday there last year.

  6. Lovely trousers (again), and colour – and when you show the inspiration photographs it all makes perfect sense that the fabric had to be bought!

    1. I need that colour in all the fabrics now! But it’s so tricky getting the right shade, most are too orange.

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