Blue Tropic

blue tropic 1
Blue Tropic, #138 Burdastyle 8/2011

Making a start on delivering on my revised sewing plans for the last 1o days in March.  I might have been ever so slightly optimistic about what I’d get through when I changed tack in my last blog post, but we should always aim high…

So of the 7 projects I had on the new list, I managed 5.  I’d have done better but a nasty cold (man flu) held me back badly and no sewing at all was done for at least 4 days!!  That would definitely have been enough time to finish the entire list.  But no matter, those projects will be on April’s list instead.

This fabric was supposed to be realised in a different pattern, but when I made the toile of 115B 8/15, I just didn’t like it.  It was too straight, too long and I wasn’t convinced it would take me into spring and summer.  So I nicked the pattern that was supposed to be made in the cotton voile.  It was the right decision!  I just love the fabric.  It is viscose, but like no other I’ve had before.  It’s fluid and soft and has a cool touch, not to mention a fabulous sheen that makes it look like silk.  The colour is just stunning too.  The fabric was bought 5 years ago from a shop called Tatler’s in Derby.

blue tropic 4

The front of the top has been lengthened by 10cm and the line flows well into the dipped back hem.  I also omitted the opening on the back, only having the button loops on the yoke.  It isn’t necessary to open the buttons or to have the extended opening to get the top over your head.  Those are the only changes made to the pattern.  Usually I would have used French seams on this fabric, but in the interests of a quick make, I overlocked the lot.  I do love this pattern, having made a fair few versions over the years in different fabrics.  This might just come close to beating my up-to-now-favourite, the black and white spotty silk version.

blue tropic 2
Narrow rouleau loops encircle bronze flower buttons from the stash.
blue tropic 3
Soft gathers from the neckband are very flattering
blue tropic 6
Caught chatting, this is a very comfy top!

I’ve no regrets at all about switching patterns on this top, the cotton voile will be allocated a different pattern, perhaps one with ruffles….  There have been a load around on Instagram and although I’m not a ruffly person, I’m ever so slightly tempted….

blue tropic 5
I must remember not to wear my new things too long before getting the photos taken, creases!!

Stick around, the other items on the list just need photographs (although I’ve worn a couple already).  I am missing my resident photographer and am in the process of training up Mr W.  It’s a slow process…..  😉

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

26 thoughts on “Blue Tropic”

  1. The details on this shirt are great! I love the buttons you chose, they complement the print wonderfully.

  2. Where did you get that stunning fabric? Blouse is just perfect on you!

  3. I really like this top. The fabric is so beautiful! And creases are good – they show you love to wear a garment!

    1. And I’m going to love wearing this top!! It’s going to be fab in the summer with pale coloured linen pants….

  4. What a scrummy viscose, Anne – I love it! And you’ve chosen a grand pattern. Really like the sleeve length, as well as the neckline! xx

  5. You’ve done it again – I totally feel like throwing out all my sewing plans, going out to buy fabric and make this top. In fact, I shouldn’t make sewing lists and more and simply copy what you make 😉

    1. Haha, that would be grand! That’s what’s so great about blogs, you spot something you wouldn’t have looked at twice in the magazine, just because someone’s chosen a certain fabric and suddenly, bam! Inspiration!

  6. This is gorgeous! I do love this style of top, and the neckline on this one is lovely. Also, that fabric is amazing.

  7. That is a fabulous top, you are right those gathers are super flattering and that fabric is to die for. I used to own a kimono top in a very similar print that I loved, shame that shop doesn’t do online, i’m sure they would do well out of it!

    1. Oh definitely! The problem with stashing fabrics is that by time they finally get used, and we realise we’d like more, the opportunity has long since passed.

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