On My Sewing Table 

Or, sewing plans interrupted and replaced with new, more exciting plans! At the beginning of March I made a list of the project I wanted to get through this month, using my free calendar/planner. Of the 7 planned projects I’ve done 2 & 2 are half way. But I’m not excited by them, they are just jobs to do. So I’ve got a new list!

Item one, the one that’s actually cut and in progress. I’ve wanted to make this top for a while and this weekend realised I already had the perfect fabric! The pattern is 105 from Burda magazine 2/2016. The fabric is silk satin and I’ve never seen anything quite like it before or since !

Item two is another top, this one from the original list, one of the half done projects because it’s been toiled and is ready to go. It’s Lekala 4286 & will  be made in a 70s polyester floral print with the biggest, brightest print  ever!

Item three is another Burda top, a pattern I’ve used before and really like. The fabric is cotton voile from Fabric Godmother about two years ago. Pattern is #138 8/2011.

Items four, five and six are culottes #104 2/2017! Following the success of the previous pair I found two pieces of fabric for daughter no1 and one for me!😇

Item seven uses this beautiful blue viscose I bought in Derby I think five years or so ago, time flies!! I’m making another Burda pattern, top #115B 8/2015, which is another that’s been on my list for a while.

And last, but by no means least, item eight is another top, another Burda pattern. This time it’s #103 from 2/2016, using a really pretty  bit of white broiderie anglaise that’s got a silver finish and grey jersey from the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham.
So, enough to keep me busy for the next  ten  days?? 😉 Do you throw out your plans when things don’t really excite you enough to provide motivation to get them done? Or are you a good planner?

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

17 thoughts on “On My Sewing Table ”

    1. WIPs aren’t usually a problem, I finish stuff. It’s the starting when I don’t feel like it that’s an issue! 😀

  1. eeeep, that first Burda pattern is on my list too and I’m dying to see it made up! Can you make this first please? 😉
    I’ll definitely throw plans overboard if something shinier comes along (as the dressing gown that has been lying in my sewing room 3/4 finished will be able to testify). It’s a hobby after all and not work!

  2. I’m using the same planner (and also Sew The Year worksheets from Straight Stitch Designs for a bit more detail on each project). I have a few WIPs that I put on my list along with other more interesting makes. I find that if I get the boring jobs done first I can reward myself with the more exciting game makes later in the month. I got a bit lost last month with my list but I’m on track for March.

    1. I don’t usually make a proper list of what I want to make, there are just piles of patterns and fabric sitting hopefully on my cutting table. I’m finding this quite fun now.

    1. I don’t usually (before) either, but I’m finding that it’s sort of a challenge now, if the piles just sit there or the list is in my head, I can easily put things off. Now with the projects “verbalised” if you like, I am challenged to get them done!

    1. That blue viscose is to die for! It feels like silk… I’ve made two items now already, so I will just keep going and see where I end up! 🙂

  3. I like your new plans very much! I’m not much of a planner, I tend to make something and then find the next shiny thing. I have a wardrobe full of eclectic garments!

  4. I generally don’t plan, and choose another project once I’ve finished what I’ve made. I have too many ideas buzzing round so maybe I should write a list/plan. I have just bought a loads of new patterns so maybe I’ll try and put them in some sort of order. 😀

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