Washed Linen Trousers

Another pair of linen trousers in my favourite Burdastyle pattern
Another pair of linen trousers in my favourite Burdastyle pattern

I love this fabric!!  It’s a charcoal and off white marl linen, of decent weight that I got from the NEC back in March.  I love the result of pairing this fabric with this particular pattern too.  The tee is the grey viscose from a couple of posts back and both items have been worn a few times on holiday.

P1140388-1There really isn’t much to say about these that I haven’t said about the pattern loads of times before!  The fabric wasn’t tricky to work with, definitely needed to be overlocked as soon as it was cut and I made sure to staystitch the upper edge while working with it to prevent stretching out.

P1140404-1P1140395-1Loving it with all shoes too! 🙂

Collage grey linenP1140407-1On a slightly sad note, those beautiful natural coloured herringbone linen trousers I posted about here, are no longer wearable. 😦  I wore them on my first day of holiday, and washed them later at a family member’s house but never thought to check the temperature the washing machine was set on.  Needless to say, linen washed at 60C never survives….  Gutted!!!  So now I’m on the hunt for another piece, Ditto Fabrics have none left. All suggestions for replacement fabric welcome!


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

29 thoughts on “Washed Linen Trousers”

    1. Thanks Evie, I have found something I hope is comparable. I will now check every temperature setting from now on!

  1. oh no, so sorry to hear about the premature demise of the beige trousers! But these ones are a worthy replacement until you make new beige ones!

    1. These are great, the linen a little think for hot, humid, sunny days, but perfect for 90% of British summer days!

  2. Love how these trousers fit. Sorry to hear about the sad loss of your other ones. You are a very talented lady with a needle. Cheers, Michele

  3. I am so sad to hear about your other pants 😢on the plus side, I love these ones and your butt looks fabulous in them! 😉

  4. These look wonderful. Such a shame about the other trousers – who has a washing machine set to 60?? Never mind I’m sure you will track down more fabric.

  5. Great pair of pants! I want to make a linen pair after seeing this post. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Another nice pair of trousers, sorry about the washing machine disaster. No good as shorts I suppose?

  7. What a shame: (. Merchant and mills have gorgeous linen….
    I don’t just pre-wash, ii soak anything that could shrink overnight in water that starts out hottest possible from the water heater. My aunt used to do it and things never shrink again…

    1. Good idea. I tend to wash everything on a 30 degree wash, that’s my go-to setting, but these felted! The fabric just wasn’t the same.

  8. This is a gorgeous pair of trousers . I love the silhouette and the fit trough the front is perfection – the way all well made pants should fit.

  9. Wow. Fantastic pants! Perfect fabric for the pattern–getting the best fabric for the pattern is my sewing Achilles heel–brava for getting it right.
    Apologies if I missed it, but what pattern did you use?

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