Three Strikes…

Three strikes and I want more!  This is my third Longley Cardi by Wendy Ward, previous versions here.  I had in mind to make a stripe version of this cardi for a while, I pictured wide stripes in either a sturdy or drapey jersey.  This particular stripe jersey is from Ditto Fabrics, the last of the pieces I binge-bought back in January!

I saw the picture, registered the size of the stripe and added 2.5m pretty much immediately to the basket.  I didn’t read any further.  You know what’s coming….

Collage stripe longley
Wendy Ward Longley Cardigan

So when you don’t order samples and don’t read the fabric description properly, sometimes the fabric that arrives is a little bit of a surprise!  The stripes run the length of the fabric, opposite to what I thought they’d be.  I was expecting your typical viscose jersey, in feel and handle.  What came felt rather different.  It’s described as having a “silky feel”.  To be honest, when it came I would have described it as full on polyester.  So  procrastinated, wasn’t even sure I liked it.


One thing I really don’t like is waste, and not using this fabric felt a whole heap like wasting.  So I just got on with it.  I wanted the stripes to line up going up and down across the bands, so I made sure to cut the hem and neck bands very carefully to line up with the back piece on the fold.  I couldn’t get the front band stripes to match both the back and front, and as the front has lots of drape it was decided it would be more forgiving to non-matching.

Matching stripes!

After all the kerfuffle and uncertainty, I’ve decided I do rather like this cardi, stripes, fabric, the lot.  It counts towards my Sew Seasonal Wardrobe and being a staple blue and white, will go with pretty much everything already made and those pieces yet to be sewn.

Birgitte Tee, Birkin Flares & Longley Cardi. Silver trainers from La Redoute.

I like the way the stripes change with the drape on the front, horizontal stripes on the front neck band contrasting with vertical stripes on the sleeves.  It’s a more interesting cardigan than I thought it was going to be!  No bad thing there.  So it’s a success in the end, have you had doubts about a project, only to have it turn out ok on the day?

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

18 thoughts on “Three Strikes…”

  1. Oh, absolutely! The Morris I just finished was like that: thought it would be horrible, but now love it.
    Am so glad you went ahead & made this up as it looks so incredible. Am sure you’re going to receive many admiring comments! It does look grand with the trousers & blouse!
    Have you gone on your trip yet? Do let me know when to put your package in the mail (5-to-10 days delivery), so someone will be there to receive it. 😉

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how often the fabric we’re most hesitant to make up turns out really well, and becomes a staple garment.

  3. Love the cardy and I’m so glad that I’m not the only one… I often trudge through a make with a heavy heart only to find I end up with an absolute staple. Sadly I also get the reverse a fabric and a pattern that I have a major crush on and yet the end product sorely disappoints.

    1. That’s the soul destroying part, isn’t it? I had a pretty print to make in trousers and thw whole time I thought, this looks like pyjamas. But now they’re finished, I like them. The other half still says they’re pjs!

  4. Total love here! Those stripes! That shape! Another pattern I need to investigate. You corrupted me with the Birkin flares – I’ve made two pairs, to be blogged.

  5. Sometimes the ones we doubt the most turn out to be favorites. Your cardi is great and is a perfect addition you anyone’s wardrobe. It looks great on you and I really like it with the print top. Really nice!

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