I Put a Spell on You

Linen.  It’s one of my all time favourite fabrics to use.  It’s definitely put a spell on me!  I bought this gorgeous sky and white herringbone linen from Ditto Fabrics in January for a pair of trousers.  Unfortunately they don’t have any left for me to direct you to!  I decided not to use one of my usual patterns with wide legs as I had two in herringbone already. I went with a tapered leg style, number 103 from Burdastyle magazine April 2013.

Burdastyle trousers in sky herringbone linen
Burdastyle trousers in sky herringbone linen

I overlocked all the pieces before working with them as the linen frayed quite badly.  I made the 44, grading up to a 46 from the hip upwards.  I like the pressed pleat down the front and am pretty happy with the shape of the leg, although I might still shorten them a bit.  They’re already 6 cm shorter than the original pattern.


The tee is a modified Maria Denmark Birgitte tee.   Fabric came in the same parcel from Ditto Fabrics as the linen, it’s a lovely soft navy blue viscose jersey.  For the pattern adjustments, I flared out the sides by 3cm and added a shaped hem.  Then  I cut a back yoke and cut the lower back on the fold with enough to add a small inverted pleat in the centre.  It’s just enough to have a bit more movement.


Inverted pleat, back yoke and shirt shaped hem


But I wasn’t happy with just one pair of trousers.  Oh no, I had to order plain blue navy linen from Fabworks Online to make another pair to wear with patterned (striped) tees!

One more pair please!

Worn here with my self drafted cowl drape tee, this is exactly why I made the plain pants!  I realise I hadn’t gone into any detail about this tee, you saw it first back in January with my first pair of Birkin Flares.  I’ve not worn it until now, but it’s going into my suitcase next week, along with the blue trousers.  Both pairs of trousers and the blue tee form part of my “Sew Seasonal Wardrobe” for the Summer.


Got to have decent pockets..
Looks like I’m having a definite colour theme this year!

The tee is from my tee shirt block, I’d made the cowl drape pattern back in November last year to make something to wear to the dreaded wedding.  This is the same pattern, but with short sleeves.  The jersey is really something, also from Ditto Fabrics and from the same parcel as the blue jersey and sky herringbone linen!  Of all the fabric I ordered on that occasion from Ditto Fabrics, I have nothing left to find its way into my stash.  Nothing but scraps, it’s all been made up now!  Yippee!  Now what to make with the left-over bits…


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

20 thoughts on “I Put a Spell on You”

  1. A couple of wonderful outfits here. Those trousers look fabulous on you and I love your modifications to the Mariadenmark tee. Great stuff!

  2. I’m a linen fan too and your outfits look great, and your pants fit so nicely!

  3. You have been busy!Well done you for getting everything made up, and ready for your trip. The trouser pattern looks wonderful & I like to slightly longer look. If you’re taking any higher heel on your trip they’d work well. 😉 Got the box for yours today & should get posted before end of this week. A nice pressie for your return!

  4. Love love love a good pair of pants! And your t-shirts are very cute too. Pretty much the most comfortable way to be stylish ever.

  5. Great trousers the fit is perfect. There might be something in the air as I am on my third pair of pants too, I always crave linen pants for spring and summer. Nice tweaks to your t-shirt, that pleat is clever.

  6. What a great Spring /Summer wardrobe! Are you going to the pattern review meet up this Saturday?

  7. Hi Anne I tried to post on your blog but it didn’t seem to work .I love this spring / summer wardrobe! Are you going to the Pattern Review meet up this weekend? Sarah Webb

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Sarah, new comment makers need to verify vetted before their comments show up, so you’re all good now! I won’t be in London unfortunately, it’s wrong timing, too far & too expensive for me, I’m afraid. Enjoy it if you go through.

    1. I ahve decided it’s the only way! Otherwise you end up with odd stuff.. Keeping my palette to just a few colours helps though, and thinking some plain, some printed. Then it will all mix and match – theoretically.. 🙂

  8. Great outfits! I was actually just thinking about this exact pattern for the pants. They look so good on technical drawing and after seeing yours I am convinced I have to make them. They look even better on real person.

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