Changing of the Seasons

Sewing a seasonal wardrobe – and looking forward very much to summer and a three week holiday in the southern hemisphere.  I have a pile of fabulous linens from Ditto Fabrics in my favourite colours, and some piles of fabric in the stash still awaiting their turn to be sewn up too.  In order to get some progress made I decided to join a couple of Facebook groups last month,  One is the Sew-A-Longs and Sewing Contests page.  They’ve got a contest running from the beginning of February to sew up 8 garments that match and belong to a theme.  My theme, apart from sew as much as possible, is to have garments that co-ordinate with each other, and the other stuff in my wardrobe, that will be my summer and holiday wardrobe.

Sewing for the summer in the tail end of winter sounds great,  dreaming of linen trousers and drapey tee shirts in the sunshine.  But when you’re looking out of the window at frozen gardens, rain and now snow falling, it’s tempting to sew a coat instead!

I will post each garment once it’s finished and I have a photographer.  Mr Compulsive is a very, very reluctant photographer and Daughter No2 is away at university, so photo shoot opportunities are extremely rare.  I have actually finished a pair of jeans, 4 pairs of trousers, a jacket and two tee shirts.  No photos though….  Until today that is.  Daughter No2 came home for Mother’s Day weekend so I’ve co-opted her to get as many photos done as possible!  It’s darned cold though for photographing summer stuff…

Birkin Flares by Baste & Gather

I made these jeans in the first few days of February, they had their first outing for a visit to Birmingham to see Daughter no2 on a day off from lectures.  While there I bought more fabric, of course!  I got denim for another pair of Birkin Flares which I might make without the flare, and sweatshirting for two Sewaholic Fraser sweatshirts.  More Birkins? Of course, my first pair are worn at least twice a week!

My second pair of Baste and Gather Flared jeans is loved almost as much as the first, but due to the fabric not having as much stretch as required, they’re a teeny bit tighter!  I love the colour.  I’d bought this twill from Croft Mill Fabrics last year – or maybe even the year before – but waited until I had what I thought was the perfect pattern.  That’s one of the ways to grow a stash, by the way.  Buy fabric and then dither and procrastinate about which pattern you’re going to use before taking the scissors to it.

Prepped and ready to sew

I didn’t use topstitching thread for this project at all.  I’d found a perfect colour match of ordinary thread and it’s worked out just fine.  I had to get the zip online though, none of my local stores had a 5″ beige jeans zip.  Jaycotts are pretty quick and before I’d even finished cutting & marking the pattern, the zip had arrived.  Pretty cheap too for a YKK zip!

I made the same alterations on the upper thigh and in the back crotch curve as the first pair, and as I was left with 8cm to chop off the bottom the first time round, I altered the pattern at the mid thigh and mid calf, taking out 2cm in each place, leaving 4cm to be removed from the hemline.  This pair went together just as easily as the first, and I made the same change in the zip, accessing from the left instead of the right.  I remembered to alter the direction of pressing of the back seam this time, so all seams and stitching lines up perfectly.

Dead chuffed with how these lined up!!

I am really happy with how the topstitching worked out on the yoke this time.  Generally I really love this pair, especially the colour, I just wish there was more stretch!  It means I have to work harder on losing that Xmas and Winter padding before we go away in mid April…

I found this cool button in my stash, as it was the only one, it was perfect to use on the jeans.



The lack of stretch means the jeans are a little tighter than I’d like…

Back to getting more photos before the weather turns… 🙂

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

33 thoughts on “Changing of the Seasons”

  1. I think these pants are fabulous. You did a super job making them, the fit is terrific. I am hesitant to sew jeans/pants as they are a bit too finicky for me at times. I stick to dresses, tops and skirts…much more my comfort level. Have a lovely weekend, cheers, Michele

    1. Thank you Michele. It’s good to go beyond your comfort zone every now and then. Afterall, if you don’t try – you’ll never know! Start with a simple pair of shorts to go with your tops, before you know it, you’ll have handmade jeans too! 🙂

    1. Thank you Naomi! I wouldn’t mind tight, but I worry that there’s not enough give, I don’t want a wardrobe malfunction! 🙂

    1. Oh, it’s quite paralizing sometimes! I’m still hoarding a pretty elephant print silk I’ve had for ages. The perfect pattern has yet to materialise.

  2. Hi there from Australia!

    Always love your posts and those jeans! I can’t image i’ll ever make a pair of jeans! They just look like so much work! But i dod just make my first jacket so never say never i guess!

    So where are you traveling to on your holiday?

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Absolutely never say never! Challenge yourself always, it’s the only way to learn and improve! I’m off to South Africa for my “one every five years” visit to see family.

  3. I am so loving the birkins right now … can’t wait to get to them. They look so good on you! that center back yoke joining is a thing of magic ✨

    1. Thank you! I keep seeing draglines because they’re so fitted, but I guess I should start seeing the positive, after all these lovely comments! 🙂

  4. Wow buddy!!! those look fantastic.. and your ass looks great too!! haha … how you get it to line up is super impressive! .. Way to go!

  5. I’ll admit that I’ve loathed every incarnation of this pattern so far. So much so that I did several double takes to make sure I was reading it right. These are lovely! And whilst they may feel snug they look awesome.

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