Like Mother, Like Daughter

Wendy Ward Longley Cardi
Wendy Ward Longley Cardi

Here we go with the first of the “proper” post of 2016!  I really like waterfall cardigans, floaty, drapey and mostly in jersey or fine knit fabrics.  So when Wendy Ward released the Longley Cardi I was keen to make one up.  I wanted the right fabric though.  This entailed online fabric searches, fabric store rummaging and general procrastination.  Then I found something…  A fine silvery sweater knit at Croft Mill Fabrics.  At just £4.50 a metre it wasn’t going to be a train smash if it didn’t work!  I loved the fabric when it came, silver & sparkly & drapey!

DSC00238I traced the largest size (honestly my measurements were a tad bigger) and thought I’d just wing it…  The cardi is really quick to make, once the pieces are cut out and pinned together (making sure the neckline and shoulders are reinforced with Vilene bias tape) the overlocker makes short work of it.  Making took me 2 hours flat.  The instructions are simple, easy to follow and pretty obvious really.  The “booklet” is a ribbon bound couple of pages that keeps everything short and sweet, unlike some indies who think you need 4 pages of fabric layouts….

DSC00239DSC00243Originally I was making the cardi just as it comes, there are long cuffs to add to the end of the sleeves, but once it was done and I’d put it on I realised they had to go!  In a different, sturdier, fabric they’d probably be fine, but the sleeve is the perfect length for me without the deep cuff.  In the fine sweater knit they just drooped and slip off over my hand.  I hadn’t worn jumpers in that way (pulled over my hand) since high school!! 🙂  So I cut them off and tapering the sleeve towards the end slightly, just turned up a 1.5cm hem and used the twin needle to stitch it in place.  Works perfectly!

Longley Cardi with the long cuffs
Longley Cardi with the long cuffs

I’ve worn this cardi loads!!  It works brilliantly to dress up jeans & with pretty much every top in my wardrobe, it’s silver, the perfect colour!!  Now I am on the look out for a good ponte to make another – for me.  Because I’ve already made another for Daughter no2.

Blue marle Longley Cardi
Blue marle Longley Cardi

There were admiring glances cast in the direction of my silver cardi on one of her weekends home from uni, so I offered to make her one of her own (before mine disappeared) in another fine knit I had in the stash.  I’d got it from FabricLand in Reading back in August and had used a bit of it, but having bought 3m still had plenty left.

DSC00214Again, an easy and very quick make, and again, I omitted the cuffs.  Then I wrapped it up and popped it into ther Christmas present pile!  Since getting it I think she’s worn it constantly!  I made the smallest size for her and no alterations at all.  Now I just need to make one for daughter no1…

I love the way the back flows softly down the the front points I love the way the back flows softly down the the front points

So if you’re thinking of a drapey cardi that you can throw on over – or under, anything, this one is great!  Really quick to make, easy to put together and looks pretty darned good to boot!


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

23 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

  1. Love this one! It’s so pretty on both you and your daughter… (Good call on making her own so she didn’t steal yours!) I love the drapey cardi’s too but most don’t look great on my because I think they have too much fabric draping around the Hips/ thighs- a place I do not need to attract attention to. This one looks lighter but still has that drapey effect! I am 99.9% sure I have an appropriate fabric or 2 in my stash. 🙂

  2. Both versions look great.Lovely style! I have some knit in my stash that just might work….

  3. Both cardi’s are wonderful, Anne! I’d love to use a similar fabric for a similar pattern I was gifted… but need brass, bronze, or gold colouring rather than silver. Might have to check out that place you mentioned…

  4. Anne, they both look absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for such a great review of my pattern. Glad you enjoyed using it and very happy to hear your cardi’s have become such favourites already – look forward to seeing more!!

  5. These look great – what a great pattern! I may have to check that one out as I can envision making a couple of these myself.

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