Beach Cool

Carbis Bay Beach & the Beach Bar
Carbis Bay Beach & the Beach Bar

Holidays, looked forward to with such excitement, they’re always over too quickly!  I thought I’d share with you another knit top I made just before my holiday.  I decided to give the Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee a try after seeing a couple of versions on Instagram.  As a free pattern I figured it couldn’t hurt.  I downloaded and printed the copy shop version not fancying taping paper together again.  I had only one concern – the one size fits all.  After my attempt to make a boxy tee with both the Japanese book, She Wears The Pants and the Hot Patterns massive tee, I was a little cautious.  But not that cautious.

I’d bought a couple of metres of a lovely viscose stripe jersey from John Lewis in Solihull earlier in the year, it’s one of those narrow stripes that gives you a strobing headache if you look at the stripes too closely for too long!  I had thought to make another Thread Theory Camas blouse with it, but the fabric was making eyes at my newly printed Mandy pattern, so I went for it!

Tessuti Mandy Tee
Tessuti Mandy Tee

I really like the finished result. I have only two things to alter for next time, and there will be a next time!  I need the sleeves to be a tad wider.  I checked the measurements before I cut the pattern and thought there’d be enough give in the fabric, but there wasn’t.  Then there’s the tendency for these sorts of tops to want to strangle me.  I have two similar items I bought from H&M before Christmas that aren’t as bad because their necklines are rounder, but they do still slip backwards & I frequently have to tug them forward again.  So I need to recut the front neckline a little lower/rounder.

DSC_0112-1I think next time I’ll use a contrasting fabric for the sleeves, I like the look of it on the model on the front of the pattern.  There is enough of this stripe for another top, and I could use the navy viscose jersey from the Camas Blouse I made earlier in the year.  If I want another top that strobes like this!

DSC_0123-1I’ve worn it quite a lot now, the colours fit into my summer wardrobe perfectly and I rather like wearing it with the trouser form the previous post, the narrower upper leg looks less chunky than the trousers I’m wearing in these photos.  We had a late afternoon walk on the beach at Carbis Bay after wandering around St Ives, finishing with sundowners (except there was no sun) in the Beach Bar.  They served a killer gin & tonic, just wish I could remember what it was!!

DSC_0120-1DSC_0122-1I still need to show you guys the prom dress, I did take some photos on the night with my phone, but Daughter No 2 was rather nervous with her date around and didn’t want to pose for me!  Since coming aback from holiday we’ve done a lot of clearing and cleaning out.  When you’re in a holiday let that’s all clean and clutter free and lovely, and you come home to a much more full house with much more “stuff”, it’s really tempting to chuck it all out!  Of course, we don’t live in a holiday flat, and I certainly don’t sew there!!  🙂

But I have had a tidy and managed to clear a huge backlog of mending this week.  We also bought a very cool mid-century sideboard that will be going in my room for taking all the sewing stuff that exploded out of my cupboard and litters the sewing and cutting table.  And under the sewing and cutting tables…

I really do need a dedicated, close the door and leave it all out space in which to sew.  One day.

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

18 thoughts on “Beach Cool”

  1. What a great top… This one is on my list to try as a free pattern. I really like the shape and feel like I could probably pull one off. Maybe even in an “eye-hurting” stripe since I have a few yards in my stash! 😀

    1. Thanks Laurie, I must get a photo of one of my skinny minnies wearing it, it’s quite weird how it looks right on both of us! As long as I’m not looking at the stripe, my eyes are fine! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting some of those Cornwall piccies, Anne! After reading so much about it, it’s nice to see what it’s like even without sun. 😉 Do like this top, but agree about the stripes! Will have to look it up for autumnal wear here, which usually comes in for a day or two around November.. . so lots of time. My, that sideboard sounds a lovely piece and very convenient for fabric – congratulations! And thank you for such a great post! 😍

    1. Luckily, the stripes don’t hurt me that much, unless I’m looking down! 🙂 However, I can’t say anything for those who have to look at me in this top! For your weather, you could consider a very light, drapey jersey, or even a linen jersey that wouldn’t be too warm.
      Cornwall is lovely, most of the time. When you’re basically walking through clouds though, it’s not that nice. Luckily the weather did break and we had some wonderful sunshine.

      1. Glad your stripes are wearing well! Oooooh! Would love to find linen jersey over here without spending a small fortune. Have a gorgeous-green RTW blouse in linen knit that the washer ate big holes in, and can’t bear to part with it….
        “Walking through clouds” sounds lovely after a fortnight of over 90 F, but probably wouldn’t be if I were wanting sunny & that 90. 😀

  3. Your top is perfect for vacation wear. It looks so comfortable, is a classic stripe pattern and could be worn with many different bottom. And thanks for the link to Tessuti patterns. I knew they had gorgeous fabrics, having seen them used in garments sewn by many bloggers. But I didn’t know they had patterns.

    1. Thank you Audrey, they seem to have a couple of patterns, this is the first I’ve used. Good luck with them if you decide to try some out!

    1. thanks! 🙂 There’s something about stripes, and spots, that I am always drawn to. Simple geometrics are patterns I like.

  4. I’ve made this top so many times, I love it! Those sleeves are snug – but it’s a great contrast to the looser body I find! Love your stripes.

    1. thanks! I don’t mind snug sleeves, but on my arms these could definitely do with being looser! It’s the better of the loose square tees I’ve made lately though, so worth making again! 🙂

  5. I love t-shirts like this and really must make up my Mandy. Itching to get back to my machine after a month in Europe – this could be the quick win I’m after.

  6. A perfect holiday t shirt! Just been looking through your makes, what lovely things! Lots of inspiration for my holiday sewing list.

  7. It’s a very nice top which is suitable for travelling or vacation. I can feel the comfort when wearing it to go outside.

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