Burda trousers and tee
Burda trousers and tee

More stuff to show you all!  I’ve made another pair of linen trousers – no, you cannot have too many, they’re like shoes and handbags, didn’t you know??  This time I used a khaki linen from Fred Winter’s in Stratford on Avon and cut another TNT Burda pattern, 102 from July 2008 magazine.  This pattern needs no adjustments other than to shorten it by 4 cm, perfect!!

Burda 102 from 07/2008
Burda 102 from 07/2008

The linen is great, a soft, medium weight that won’t get all crunchy and crisp after it’s washed.  As the overlocker was still out from the last pair I zoomed round all the pieces leaving everything nice and neat.  It’s a really quick pattern for me, they were done and dusted in a day.  They have a straight cut leg and angular pocket, just simple trousers really!

shatta collageApologies for the creases, I decided to wear them before photographing could take place, and we all know linen loves to wrinkle.  I must learn not to “wear” my makes before showing them off!

To go with them I thought I had to make another of the Burda tees I made in the blue Ikat jersey.  I had 1 metre of “shatta” jersey from Fabric Godmother which, although it’s all madly patterned and in a lot of colours I don’t wear, I liked it.  It looks great with these trousers and I’ve tried it with darker ones too, with positive results!

wpid-dsc_20150615143947881-01.jpegI took no chances with the stretch though, ironing Vilene bias tape to every single neckline and sleeve opening edge.  This jersey drapes beautifully, is soft and light and was not going to be allowed to get away with being naughty.  The stabilisation worked a treat, although I may have overdone it a bit, the stock of bias tape has been much depleted.

Lots and lots of Vilene bias tape to stabilise all the stretchy areas
Lots and lots of Vilene bias tape to stabilise all the stretchy areas

I like it so much I’m tempted to order a metre of the blue version in the same jersey!

DSC00075-1I have at least 2 more pairs of trousers to make up, in linen of course, but I need to get cracking with Daughter No2’s prom dress first!  If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen my toile progress so far, and I think it’s looking good!  So watch this space, sometime before the 3rd July there’ll be a (hopefully) gorgeous dress to show you all.

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

12 thoughts on “Shatta-Proof!”

  1. Ms Prolific is at it a-a-again, and I love all your linen trousers! If only the weather here would permit… deep sigh. That’s a great idea for working with jerseys. Have a batch to make sometime, and must remember it. Love the colours & style of this on you!

  2. Oh another great pair of trousers, are you on a mission to make up for the non-sewing time? 🙂 Great trousers and top, I’m going to steal the tip with the stabilising bias tape. Love the print of the jersey. Oh the prom dress looks it’s going to be gorgeous.

    1. Most definitely on a mission!! I’m going to start the prom dress tomorrow, in the proper fabric! Or maybe I’ll make another pair of trousers first… 😉

  3. Love the colouring in these photos! The top goes so well with your eyes & hair colour.

    I use vilene tape nowadays for knit stablisation too. So much so I got a whole box of both colours!

    1. Excellent idea! This is the last of the stash, I need to get me some boxes of the stuff too! And thanks! 😊

  4. What a gorgeous outfit, Anne. I love that trouser pattern. And I really must get my hands on some of that Vilene….

  5. I always admire your sewing skills! It always looks perfect and you seem to put in the extra effort to do it right. This outfit is lovely and it’s so nice to see you sewing for yourself.

    1. Thank you Margo! I have such a pile of stuff that I bought for myself, and heaven knows daughter no 2 doesn’t need any more clothes!! Definitely time for selfish sewing 🙂

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