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Burdastyle trousers 110 11/13
Burdastyle trousers 110 11/13

Still using up the fabrics I bought at Sew Brum in early October, I made these Burdastyle trousers for Daughter No2 with the fabric left over from Daughter No1’s vintage dress.  Proof, if any was ever needed, that I cannot convert Imperial fabric requirements into metric!  I ended up buying 3m of the silk jacquard and after I’d laid the dress pieces on the fabric decided to make a pair of trousers too.

Hip yoke pockets
Hip yoke pockets

This is the same pattern that I used for the Smarty Pants challenge on The Monthly Stitch last year, no. 110 from the November issue of the magazine from 2013.  It’s quick to make, my favourite detail is the little cuff.  We had more fitting issues with this make, the jacquard has no stretch and behaves much more differently than the stretch twill I used the first time.  I’ve ended up with teeny tiny seam allowances in places – my fault entirely.  I was so keen on getting the fabric made up before it got even the slightest peek at the stash box that I forgot it had no stretch & I cut the same size as the first pair.  I think we’ve solved most of the issues, all to do with ease.

DSC00003-1Daughter No2 likes them anyway & they do look fab with her Bellatrix blazers!  These went out to Oxford last night to a Darlia & Gerard Way concert, the girl wearing them was pretty darned tired this morning, so thank goodness it’s Friday!  She deserved a trip out, having had her head down working hard on schoolwork & admissions for Universities.  She and I have also been rather busy making red wool poppy brooches to sell in aid of the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.  I have made poppies every year for the last 4-5, but this year we decided to make them together and to make 100, to mark the centenary of the commencement of World War 1.  We have made 100, but with literally days to spare, I hope we are able to sell them all in time!  I will be really chuffed to hand over a few hundred pounds to the charity.

trouser collageThings on my sewing table right now are the vintage jacket you got a glimpse of at the end of the last post and a piece of fabric from Guthrie & Ghani bought at the Sew Burm meet-up.  It’s a greenish grey cotton voile, but on reflection I decided there was too much green in the grey.  So it’s gone in the washing machine with a brownish grey jersey from Croft Mill & some grey Dylon dye.  I rather like the result so need to finalise my plan of what to make.  I’m thinking of using the body of the floaty spotty top with the sleeves from the placket blouse (but making the cuff deeper) and making a different placket.  I like the placket on this blouse from In House Patterns.

I also have some pattern cutting plans for a jersey top…  I got a large amount of lovely jersey (all one length) at the fabric swap in Birmingham & used some to make a Plantain for Daughter No2 (photos on their way).  There’s a plan to use some more to make a jersey cardigan for me.  I have a sketch somewhere….  Probably buried under my ever growing stash!

I also want to make a pair of Ginger Jeans for both Daughters.  I usually steer well clear of bandwagons and “must-have-latest-coolest-patterns”, but after seeing Sonja in her jeans I was convinced & bought the PDF which the other half kindly printed on A0 sheets for me.  I still need to tell him to print the Jutland pants, another late night pattern purchase!  I found a great stretch denim for the jeans at the Fancy Silk Store for £6/m so it’s all ready & waiting for me to get cracking on the toile.  Somewhere along the line the Thread Theory patterns need to get made too, I’ve bought the coat & now both trouser patterns for the other half & that’s about as far as I’ve got!  I just want to make everything!!!

Have a great weekend, whether you’re sewing or not.  🙂

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

11 thoughts on “Miss Fancy-Pants”

  1. Speaking of dying fabric in the washer… Do you have any suggestions, or things to avoid (with washers)? I currently rent, but have really hesitated to do any. Many thanks, Anne!

    Think its grand that you’ve made 100 poppies. We don’t have such a memorial as this country wasn’t nearly as involved as Great Britain. But I can respect and appreciate how sincerely your entire country continues to remember.
    del xxx

    1. The dye I use is Dylon Machine dye, I just follow the instructions on the box. They do say there will be no residue left in the machine, but I rinse with an empty wash just in case & haven’t had any problem with contamination – yet… 🙂
      I love the run up to Remembrance Sunday, seeing everyone with their poppies, paper, pins or otherwise is great & we’ll be attending the parade in town tomorrow morning. It’s good that all wars and fallen service personnel are remembered. Have you see pictures of the ceramic poppies at The Tower of London? It’s an awesome display!

      1. Dear Anne ~ Thank you so much for this info. Will be on the hunt for Dylon now! Not certain that I’ve seen that photo yet… but I do remember seeing some building from the air, surrounded by seas of red on all sides. Perhaps that was it? Will do a search… Hope yours are all sold! Such a worthy cause. xxx del

  2. These trousers look great! Really nice fit! My fabric from SewBrum hasn’t all even made it as far as the washing machine, let alone being sewn up yet, so good work! I also really love the Ginger jeans pattern, have held off on buying it yet, but as soon as I find some suitable fabric that will be on my list to do! Nice work on the poppies! I’ve decided that next year I want to knit/crochet myself a poppy – I just get through so many each year as I’m constantly losing them!

    1. haha, my fabric haul went into the washing machine first thing on the Sunday morning! We’ve never made this many poppies, and boy did they eat into “proper” sewing time! But it will all be worth it, there were only 10 left last night so I’m sure they will all be sold by lunchtime today. That means a donation of £400! Look at Ditto Fabrics for denim for the jeans, their stuff is fab.

      1. I think my other half had proper washing in the machine on Sunday so I couldn’t get my fabric in! Where are you selling your poppies? Online or in person? If it’s online, I’d buy one!

      2. They were sold in town & on foot, if there are some left, I can grab one for you & pop it in the post!

      3. Aw, thank you 🙂 don’t worry if not, I’ll make do with a paper one this year! I miss being involved with Remembrance Day – was in guides/scouts/university navy unit for years and always marched – very weird not doing so now!

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