“I love your trousers – where did you get them?”

"Oh, I didn't buy them, my Mum made them..."
“Oh, I didn’t buy them, my Mum made them…”

First time out with these, standing in the queue waiting to pay for her handful of Creme Eggs the trousers have been noticed.  These are the trousers that shouldn’t have been – just a quick toile, you know.  I had this fabric in my stash, I’m pretty sure it’s a hand painted/blocked piece, all cotton.  I think someone was going to make a quilt with it as it had a seam up the middle and I did think I could finish that off, but I don’t do quilts.

DSC07809-1I do do trousers.  I was toiling style number 110 from BurdaStyle November 2013, the pattern I used for the Monthly Stitch’s Smarty Pants month of February.  Once Daughter No2 had them on, she decided she rather liked the mad print & asked me if they could be made “wearable”.  I raised my eyebrows and looked askance at her -“Seriously?”

DSC07810-1Oh, she was serious alright!  Sure, no problem..  They got shoved in the cupboard because I had other things to be getting on with at the time.  All they needed was all the seams neatening, (because who neatens seams on a toile?) a fly zip insertion (ever done one of those when the trousers are pretty much finished already?) an inner waistband & interfacing & the hem and cuffs turned up & stitched.

DSC07814-1I decided to do it today.  I wanted a quick job…  Well, they’re done now & as usual, she loves them!  I keep seeing all the things I would never do on a “proper” pair, the pattern doesn’t line up from the trouser front onto the waistband, the front legs have a different part of pattern to the backs, the pattern doesn’t line up from the fronts onto the hip yoke pockets either & the centre front is slightly off pattern centre.  These things would bug the hell out of me if they were mine, but she seems fine with it all!

DSC07811-1Would you wear madly printed trousers like this?  They’re definitely not in my wardrobe comfort zone, but this would be a very boring world if we all dressed the same, wouldn’t it?

DSC07817-1Now I have my fourth Bellatrix Blazer to finish off – you’ll see a familiar fabric as the lining.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who celebrate today!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

31 thoughts on ““I love your trousers – where did you get them?””

  1. If I looked like your daughter I would definitely wear trousers like this! She has a knack for styling them – the whole outfit is really cute.

  2. Look great. I asked my 13 year old daughter if she would wear thej pants. She decided it wasnt quite her, but Your daughter looks wonderful in them. I agree With her and I Love them on her 🙂

  3. I would totally wear those – but my teenage daughter would stop me. She would be way to embarrassed to have her mum run around in loud trousers. I guess I just gonna have to wait until she leaves for university 😉 . I have a very similar fabric in my stash…

    1. They’d look pretty fab with some of those new jackets & coats you’ve been making! Maybe you should dig out that fabric… 😉

    1. Thanks! She takes all these great comments as vindication that she was right to turn them into a “wear in public” item! 🙂

  4. Well, if my DD1 saw these, she’d be all over them, so I’m not going to show her this blog post! Great pair of trousers. I think you should be prepared to have orders!

    1. Haha, thankfully there is just about enough fabric left for a small skirt or something..! it’s a good pattern to run up though, so maybe you & DD1 can choose some mad print & join the party?? 😉

  5. You are such an awesome Mum! I would DEFINITELY wear those trousers because they look fantastic!

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