Oh Dear..

Yup, oh dear!  No posts in March because I haven’t really got anything to show you.  I should have known not to do the Bossy thing – I never did like people telling me what to do!  Even though the chosen projects were ones I wanted to do anyway, I hit small snags & immediately found something else to do instead. Bad, bad, bad!

But, I didn’t do nothing.  I drafted the jacket front & back & made a toile, leaving the sleeves out for the time being.  Daughter No2 wasn’t really feeling the huge collar, and felt the shape at the front was “weird”.  Now you see why I didn’t really go too much further?  Anyway, I pinned the toile into more of a suitable shape & length for her, but then she had issues with my chosen fabric.  She just couldn’t see herself wearing that houndstooth.  So I’m stuck – the jacket pattern could be made to work, but now I need a different fabric.

Husband has proved difficult too.  Even though I’ve promised him shirts for years now he’s “in no rush”.  So no progress on that front.

I have made the pattern for Daughter No1’s Grecian inspired dress and toiled it too, but I won’t get to fit it on her until next weekend when she’s home for University for the Easter holidays.

That leaves me with nothing to show – not a bit.  But…  I have some linen that I bought at the NEC last week that was supposed to be for a vintage bolero to go with a dress I’m making.  However, I made a miscalculation when translating yards and inches into metres and bought too little – flipping annoying!  It just may be though, that it will be enough to squeeze another Bellatrix out of!  I’m off to try it now, see you on the other side! 😉

Me & my sewing machine, partners in crime!
Me & my sewing machine, partners in crime!

I love this print, found the image on Pinterest initially & tried to find it on Etsy, but so far have been unable to find the maker.  If someone can trace images better than I can, please let me know who the owner is of this, I’d love to buy a print for my sewing space!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

6 thoughts on “Oh Dear..”

  1. Oh no! I hate it when all your plans hit stumbling blocks! So frustrating! I really hope it blows over soon – I can’t wait to see your Bellatrix!

    1. Once I find a suitable fabric for the jacket it will be all systems go – problem is, it’s proving to be pretty darned elusive! They’ll all get made eventually, at least I got the patterns sorted! 🙂

  2. I hope you do find it – it is a cute print. Can you please the details of its owner if you do find it?

    BTW your month to date of ‘nothing to post about’ puts me to shame! Still, I do know the feeling on one level lol. Perhaps you needed a pre-spring rest before surging ahead?

    1. So far my search has ended with a closed etsy shop, but I will keep looking. I haven’t been totally sew-less, instead of forging ahead with the bossy patterns stuff I made up more of my vintage patterns. You can see them on my other blog, Vintage Belle. I have so many things I want to make, & all at the same time! 🙂

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