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Better a little late than never, right??  So, as you may have guessed from the profusion of blogs with polls asking you to choose the next project, the Monthly Stitch has decreed that you, the reader, should choose the project to make in March.  Apparently we all have a huge stash of un-used patterns, as well as fabric.  Moi, never..  ;p  Now I’m not sure how I would ever have narrowed down my  250 vintage patterns & 21 years of untraced Burda magazine patterns to just three, so I have come up with a little twist.

There are four pattern cutting projects I really want to get on with, but procrastination is hampering the start.  I want you guys to decide which I start with.  I might, just might, use the poll results to rank the order of all 4 projects and do them all, but lets see how we go, shall we?  They certainly won’t all be done in March!!  🙂

First up is a shirt for Husband.  Poor, long suffering husband.  I promised 2 years ago to make a shirt, a few, actually.  I even bought 3 pieces of fabulous stripe ex-Paul Smith fabric to do so.  I made a shirt block & even toiled it, then we put the house on the market & do you think I can find that stuff??  Oh, I have the fabric – phew!  But the paperwork has completely vanished.

Pattern Cutting for Menswear by Gareth Kershaw
Pattern Cutting for Menswear by Gareth Kershaw

Using the last of an Amazon gift voucher, I bought “Pattern Cutting for Menswear” by Gareth Kershaw.  I thought I might try it as an alternative to Winnifred Aldrich’s dated styles.  It was for research purposes, you know.  So that’s offering No1, a shirt for Husband from either of these fabrics, pattern cut from that book.

ex-Paul Smith stripe cottons for Husband's shirt
ex-Paul Smith stripe cottons for Husband’s shirt

Daughter No1 came for a fleeting visit this weekend, and left with a request for some maxi-dresses for the summer.  She & Boyfriend are off to somewhere much sunnier & warmer than the UK for a couple of weeks in June, & she’d love something new.  I have a dress block all fitted for her and the most gorgeous blue viscose fabric with a large off-white flower print that would make a fabulous drape-y maxi-dress.

Caramel stretch twill for daughter No2, Blue print viscose for Daughter No1
Caramel stretch twill for daughter No2, Blue print viscose for Daughter No1

I did a quick sketch, a cross-over front with soft gathers into a fitted midriff piece.  Pleated skirt to fall to her ankles.  She has trouble buying maxi-dresses, they’re all far too long for her, poor little thing!  Anyway, I think this is going to look stunning on the little monster.  That’s offering no2.

Maxi-dress sketch
Maxi-dress sketch

Offering no3 is a skirt I sketched for Daughter No2 last year, I bought the fabric & everything, but never quite got round to getting the pattern drafted.  Bad Mom!  The fabric can be seen in the photo of Daughter No1’s print viscose.  It’s the most amazing caramel colour stretch twill.  She wants a wiggle skirt with pleated detail on a front seam, the sketch in the centre.

Skirt ideas for Daughter No2
Skirt ideas for Daughter No2

There are to be two tabs going opposite ways, fixed with buttons, a simple waistband and possibly a kick-pleat in the back seam.

I did say I had four options, and you would think that the next one would be for me, wouldn’t you??  But I am saving mine for next month…  Instead I have a jacket that I drooled over the sketch of so much that I decided to make a pattern (and the jacket) for daughter No2 for Xmas.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen!  So, it’s on the list for March, offering no4.  Here’s the picture again.

Vintage jacket from 1935
Vintage jacket from 1935

Fabulous, no???  I found the image on the New York Public Library’s Digital site.  Proceed with caution people, you can get totally lost in there, browsing the most amazing images!  So, for the jacket I have a cute grey & black houndstooth wool which may or may not have contrast plain black collar & lapels.  It will need a vibrant lining though, so that will have to be purchased.  Otherwise the fabrics will come from the stash!

Wool for 1930s jacket
Wool for 1930s jacket

That photo makes the houndstooth look more like grey & grey, but it’s just the lighting.  So those are your four options.  All are patterns I want to make, none have been used by me before (’cause they don’t exist yet!).

So which one am I to start with?  It’s in your hands.  You have until Friday, midnight!!

ps, be kind…  😉



Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

22 thoughts on “Miss Bossy Patterns”

  1. I think this was the most difficult choice so far! I LOVE all your options and that blue floral print is fab! My vote went with Jacket 2-the 1930’s pattern- I love the lines of that one!

  2. Just to be contrary….when will you be making the sailor top to go with the caramel skirt??? I love the sketch.

    My vote went with the houndstooth jacket, mostly because I have some check wool in my stash too and I want to see how fab yours turns out before I cut it!!

    1. lol, erm – not sure! haha. Maybe I should have added that to the list 🙂 You may just have to stay tuned… 😉

  3. Great choices for selfless sewing. Hubby win my vote. He will want you to keep sewing as long as he gets a project every once in a while.

  4. so hard to choose! and by the way – I am SOOOO impressed with the fact that you self draft these patterns! You are my idol!!! 🙂

  5. I just (literally about an hour ago!) finished a dress using that blue flowerd viscose – it is the fabric of the devil, mine was warped and off grain and there was no amount of pulling/pushing/chucking it in the dryer would bring it back on grain. I had to persevere with my dress as its for a wedding and I have no other suitable fabric.

    I voted for the mens shirt, I have only drafted menswear from the Winifred Aldrich (I didn’t mind the dated styles so much, what bothered me was that she included seam allowances) so I would be insterested to see what results you get with your new book.

    1. oh no!!I bought it about 2 years ago and made a blouse with some of it. I didn’t have that problem at all! I do love the handle of it though, viscose at its best. The one thing I have noticed is that it has a tendency to pill. And I don’t put viscose in the dryer.
      At the moment Husband’s shirt is winning, I am looking forward to using the book! 🙂

  6. It’s great that all of your options are sewing for others! I voted for the maxi dress, because if it were me, I’d be all over spring-friendly styles and colors by this point of the year!

  7. I am so impressed by the sketches and by the fact you can make your own patterns based on your drawings! I vote for Daughter #2, I really like that style of the dress you designed and would love to see it made up.

    1. Thank you! One of the better decisions I have ever made was to do a City & Guilds pattern cutting & fashion course – it has been so worthwhile!

  8. Oh my HAD to go with the fabulous and interesting jacket. But, how fabulous that you designed your own dress and skirt, they are fantastic. Really any of these options are killer!

  9. I vote to provide dearest husband with a shirt – just this once 🙂
    I think mine is overdue for a new shirt – maybe:))

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