Sewing Class Fun

My first Sewing Sunday of 2014 took place yesterday – & it was a full class!  I always look forward to these Sunday sessions, I never know what projects are going to turn up (unless someone lets me know beforehand) so it’s quite interesting sometimes!  This month I knew a few things in advance so I could do a little planning!

clockwise from top left: houndstooth pencil skirt, renfrew underway, more renfrew, refashioning trousers into a skirt, toile for wrap over dress, chiffon blouse
clockwise from top left: houndstooth pencil skirt, Renfrew underway, more Renfrew, refashioning trousers into a skirt, toile for wrap over dress, chiffon blouse

My six “students” had a mix of stuff, some new projects & other unfinished items that had been lurking at the bottom of sewing boxes for a little while.  First off was a lovely cream & black floral chiffon that has given my student more than a few headaches.  It’s going to be beautiful when its done, but the Burda magazine instructions don’t help when she’s not got me for interpretation!  The blouse is a combination of this one from BurdaStyle 11/2012  and the version with the long neck tie.

One of the UFOs was a gorgeous black & white houndstooth pencil skirt with the most amazing lime green lining!  It had been started about a year ago & then abandoned in favour of soft furnishings for a new house.  Now that those are done my student is back to finishing this skirt.  I love the fabric!

Then there was a refashion of a pair of trousers into a skirt & when that was finished, the student moved onto a skirt toile.  I liked the fabric she was toiling in, a slubby purply-blue & black soft furnishing fabric!  It would have made a fabulous Bellatrix Blazer with black contrast lapel & welt.  (Bellatrix is still definitely on my brain!)

I also had a student making a pair of men’s trousers, self drafted.  He’s made a few of these now, each pair gets slightly altered as his confidence, ability & style becomes more definite.  I know his next pair will be part of a suit, so we’ll be having lots of toiles of jackets soon!

Men's tailored trousers - self drafted
Men’s tailored trousers – self drafted

Another pair of men’s trousers on the go was the Thread Theory Jedediah chino pattern.  My student had contacted me during the week regarding a good pair of guy’s trousers, & after I’d bought the Goldstream Peacoat I felt confident in recommending this pattern.  A toile was under way for those (to be made up in a fabulous burnt orange corduroy) as well as a toile for a self drafted wrap dress.

Last – but by no means least, was the student who went home with a huge smile on her face.  She had a new overlocker & was armed with the Sewaholic Renfrew & a couple of metres of a viscose jersey.  By the end of the day she’d conquered the overlocker & the pattern!  Reassured of the ease of the pattern, she says to look out for more of these being whipped up, which is music to my ears!

The magical Renfrew & a very happy lady  :)
The magical Renfrew & a very happy lady 🙂

We also talked loads about the Wardrobe Architect project & they all agreed it sounds really useful & interesting.  I think they’ll be downloading the questionnaires & delving more into Pinterest * Polyvore very soon…

I am going to chivvy these guys on during the rest of the month to ensure they get some sewing in before our next Sewing Sunday so I can see some finished projects & the beginnings of new stuff!  Spring is on its way, as are the sewing shows so we need to get some of that stash fabric busted in order to justify buying loads more…  🙂

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

9 thoughts on “Sewing Class Fun”

    1. We have a great time, lots of chatting, sewing & eating of cake! A good few laughs too! 🙂 They’re a great bunch.

  1. Wow, how fun! It must be such a busy day! I love that all your students are working on different projects- what a great amount of variety!

    1. That’s the best thing, they work on whatever they want to, it’s up to me to help them all through it without the machines or the fabric going through the window! 🙂

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