Bellatrix III


Yup, I’ve made another one!  I still haven’t quite got the sleevehead – armhole issue sorted, but it’s getting there.  So, how many of these will I actually make this year?  Who knows!  It’s really quick to make, looks fab & uses very little fabric (apart from the sleeves – how long are they!!)

I was tossing fabric out of one of my stash boxes on Tuesday after I’d finished my Jungle blouse to see what else I had for me.  I made two piles:  Daughter No1 & Daughter No2.  (I really should have dug in a different box)  One of the pieces in the Daughter No2 pile was a 1m piece of black wool & polyester mix with a grey stripe, making a windowpane design.  It was to have been made into a wiggle skirt, but her nose got this odd wrinkle when I offered it up.

Just off-hand I wondered how it would look as a Bellatrix Blazer.  I laid it out & attempted to place the pattern pieces, cheating ever so slightly by placing the sleeves on the cross grain – but it fit!  Sooo…  I cut it!  Overnight I remembered I had some turquoise & lime spotty silk that was to have been a dress.  I’d got so far with it before realising it was totally not me, so bagged it & stuffed it into the far reaches of the fabric cupboard for “recutting”.  I though it would be fabulous as the lining in what would otherwise be a plain, formal looking garment.  It was just enough for the front & back pieces & the pockets, but again those sleeves wouldn’t play ball.  In the end I used some left-over black lining that had been used to replace the lining in Husband’s French Connection jacket.

bellatrix III CollageSo this is a real win for the stashbusting efforts of 2014.  I am definitely counting the recutting of the dress in this one!  Chalk up 2 from the stash – whoot, that means I can go shopping!  🙂

Lining that's meant to be seen!
Lining that’s meant to be seen!
Awesome pockets!
Awesome pockets!

I cannot say too many times that this is a really easy pattern to make.  Cut on Tuesday night, interfaced & marked on Wednesday morning, sewn in the late afternoon & finished on Thursday.  Can you name another jacket you can finish that quickly?  The only thing I did differently this time was to use some fusible canvas interfacing on the undercollar piece to hold this lightweight wool in place.  With the cotton canvas print I left the stiffness out, but the fabric really needed the support this time.  I do still want to make one for daughter No1, but first she needs to come home so I can show her the fabric I have in mind, & of course, she needs to try on a toile.

Demure Bellatrix?



I know the photos do not do the stripe any justice, when we have weather that will allow outdoor photos with decent light, I promise to take a few more.  For now though, the UK is battening down the hatches in preparation for yet another deluge & high winds.  I guess we should be lucky that we at least aren’t suffering with the cold & snow like our friends in the USA.

In the interim, I have found another couple of pieces in the stash (!) for me, so I’m off to sketch out some ideas, because I can’t do anything with them in my head.

Get those sketchbooks out!
Get those sketch & note books out!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

26 thoughts on “Bellatrix III”

  1. Gorgeous! Love that pop of colour in the lining. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about making another one of these – seeing your multiple versions has now got me all inspired to start one next week – woo hoo!

    1. Yipee for multiple versions! & I will get to make more for daughter no1! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your new one!

  2. Oh My Gosh, I LOVE this Bellatrix. It really is stunning! I must get this pattern now, even though I’m on a pattern diet, since I have so many and have only sewn a few of them.

  3. That jacket is beautiful! Thanks for turning me on to another indie pattern company. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning over my coffee.

  4. I am totally left out in the USA Polar Freeze. It seriously hit practically the WHOLE country except California and Florida! Which frankly I am fine with because I do not like to be cold… We have actually had a WARMER winter then usual.. lots of temps in the 70 and 80’s F! We do need some rain though because we are seriously in a drought… I heard that some cities in my state will run out of water in 3 months! (We should do a rain dance I am sure!) … I LOVE the lining and would love to see more of it in all it’s glory. I think the blazer is beautiful too- I bet your daughter is very pleased!

    1. Weather everywhere is completely messed up! I think the UK is going to drown this winter – at least no mention of droughts! I’d be more than happy to send some of the wet stuff over to you, just say the word! 🙂

  5. I’m in love with this pattern but not sure it’s because your versions are so gorgeous or because it is a nice pattern. You make it sound very easy and I’m itching to try it now. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

    1. It really is a great pattern – made all the more perfect because I won it! There is no “proper” tailoring in it, which is why it can be made up quickly, but it still looks fab. Go for it!

      1. You sold it to me!! I’ve ordered it, now how soon it will get here, it’s a different matter, but I can keep my self-busy until it comes, hehe! xx

  6. Wow, this is crazy cute! And what a great way to use stash fabrics! I can’t say too many times how lucky your daughters are!!!!!

    1. I did so want it to be a dress, I just forgot that I don’t do madly patterned – or brightly coloured 😦

  7. I can see why you’ve made a few versions of this jacket. There is nothing like a classic cropped jacket to build a wardrobe.

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