Welcome to my Jungle!

Jungle January - Welcome!!
Jungle January – Welcome!!

So here it is, at last!  I luuurve my new blouse, it’s everything I wanted!  After all the fuss & hassle I think I have something I can work with, put in different sleeves, add collars & mess with the shoulder line.  Overall, this is perfect!

DSC07062The print is just right, I don’t like them too big, or too busily small either.  (I sound like Goldilocks…)  I even found a photo today of another blouse in the same fabric, it’s on my Wardrobe Architect Pinterest board 🙂  The colours will go perfectly with my current & future trousers & jackets.

DSC07059So what did I do?  I moved the shoulder seam on the back forward 5cm so from the front it looks like there is a shoulder yoke.  I transferred some of the fullness from the shoulder dart into a 4cm underarm dart & converted the remainder into gathers to go into that “yoke”.  I eliminated the waist darts on the front & back & took in the side seams one extra cm so it wouldn’t be too unshaped on the sides.  I drafted a grown-on facing for the front v-neck & instead of a collar, made a long narrow tie to be sewn onto the back neck & left free from the shoulder seam.

Pattern Lay
Pattern Lay

The sleeves were slashed from the hemline to the sleeve head in two places, front & back & spread 6cm at the back hem, 3 at the front.  I also curved the hem of the sleeve 5cm outwards (downwards?) to make more of a “pouff”.  The sleeve hem is gathered into a narrow band.The hem of the blouse is shaped like a shirt hem, with the sides being 5cm shorter than the centre front & back.  I like a shaped hem, it gives the impression of more shape underneath!  🙂

DSC07065-1For the construction, I used French seams throughout, little squares of interfacing under the buttons & buttonholes & double turned hem.  I didn’t want any part of the blouse to have structure, keeping the nature of the viscose to drape & hang.


Now I am full of ideas of how to use this as a basic pattern from which to make all sorts of variations.  Problem is, I’m pretty sure I need to go fabric shopping because most of my fabrics are meant for the girls, not me!  This could cause a bit of a problem as I signed up for the big stashbusting effort with Lelie from Bouquet of Buttons.  I did fairly well with my stashbusting efforts last year, but I still have plenty to get through.  I will do the same as last year, using 2 pieces from the stash before being “allowed” to buy one new piece.  Unfortunately this leopard print is not from the stash!  I bought it this year specifically for the Jungle January project.

So I guess I’d better make more for the girls, or use some of the stash for my Vintage Belle projects so I can free-up some fabric shopping for me!  🙂


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

32 thoughts on “Welcome to my Jungle!”

  1. Well, this blouse is a slap in the face for the January Blues! It’s just gorgeous! Just the most perfect blouse and fabulous fabric. Definitely worth the work. You look just fabulous.

  2. Well this is just a darling blouse! I love the small print. I’m blaming Anne for getting me wearing an animal print, too, because it’s not my comfort zone. But your blouse is subtle with a wink-wink cheekiness that’s perfect.

    1. Thank you! Subtle is what I was going for – do you think Miss Anne will mark me down though – I mean, it may not be loud enough for her jungle! 😉

  3. Love the colors… it looks perfect with your slacks! And the changes that you made to the pattern are pretty neat too! Nice make!

  4. Now this is my sort of blouse. I love the changes you’ve made and thank you for the details because I’ll be coming back here to re-read. Perfect print and style and all.

    1. Thanks! It was quite simple to adjust, and that’s what I was doing wrong before. I must remember KISS. Keep It Simple Stoopid! 🙂

  5. Fabulous work!! I love your changes and the style & print go wonderfully together – how fantastic to have such an awesome base pattern now – get sewing so you can go & buy to make more!!! 😉

  6. I’ve heard that Jungle January fabric is excluded from fabric diet programs – you may want to check with your doctor though LOL ^___^ Lovely blouse!! I say if you buy fabric and use it right away it never enters the stash, ergo, it doesn’t count!! 😉

    1. Haha, luckily for me, I bought this before I signed up for (or read about) the “official” stashbusting! I have managed to find a couple of pieces in the stash afterall, so watch this space! 🙂

    1. You had loads of trouble with your fabric – but it’s turned out well in the end! Now what to do for “Ferocious February”??

  7. I don’t like animal print or anything that resembles it, unless it’s elegant and stylish, and yours is definitely both! Very beautiful blouse and it looks great on you 🙂

    1. Thank you! This is the first ever animal print garment I’ve had – Anne is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but I seem to be going quite happily 🙂

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