Thank you for sending me positive words & vibes last week.  It’s funny how, when a negative thought takes hold (in January for me particularly) it’s really hard to shake it off – despite how many times I think, “snap out of it already!”  I can say I have made progress.  I am now in posession of a third bodice block & toile, and this one actually seems to work in all the right places!  When comparing it to the other two I cannot say it’s hugely different, so what made this work & the others not??  Heaven knows, ’cause I sure don’t!

How many bodice block toiles does a girl need???
How many toiles does a girl need???

Something else that’s looking up is the styling of my Jungle January make.  I have come across The Coletterie’s plan for the Wardrobe Architect earlier in the month & thought it looked interesting.  Quite frankly, this weekend it was downright necessary!  So I’ve signed up, downloaded the questions & done a little soul searching.  Now I’m not going to post my answers here, they aren’t that interesting, but they did make me think & I’ve realised that I was again trying to put myself into a place (clothes) that I didn’t belong.  I also read Tia Dia’s latest post & inspiration hit me like a thunderbolt when seeing her Jungle January outfit! I created a new Pinterest board & trawled thought my other pins looking for stuff I really liked et voila!  I am now back on track.

I have toiled my fashion cut & apart from a couple of alterations am pretty happy with it.  So today I am going to get sewing & hope to have something really “me” when I’m done.  I am really looking forward to having a new top & that leopard print viscose is so soft & drapey..

I leave you with something from artist Lisa Congdon who’s blog & sketch book entries are amazing & another free printable for your sewing space, click here to download it from the original site, & in various colours.

Sewing is Cheaper...Has anyone else decided to use the Wardrobe Architect to re-organise their wardrobe, or sewing for this year?  I have seen posts from Evie & Vikki so far.

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

18 thoughts on “Positivity”

  1. Haha, I’m not sure that my sewing is cheaper than therapy, considering the amount of fabric shopping I’ve done recently. 🙂
    I’ve kinds signed up for the wardrobe architect too – however I realised that I have never really looked at fashion magazines/websites before unless they are dedicated sewing sites. So I’m not sure at all where I am style-wise – progress on that score is rather slow…

    1. Shopping for sewing is definitely not cheap! 🙂 But once you’ve got it stashed… 🙂
      i don’t bother too much with fashion sites, but get Elle regularly. I love Pinterest for finding stuff, I just go by what I love the look of. Looking forward to seeing where it all takes you!

  2. I love your Pinterest board. Mine are much like my wardrobe: a jumble of allsorts, pinned on impulse and in need of proper organisation!
    I’ve been reading the Wardrobe Architect posts, and I’m planning to use the worksheets to help guide my sewing: after a long break I now have rusty skills, a different body and a different lifestyle. The timing is perfect!
    Thank you for your posts, I always enjoy reading them

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I usually dither so much about what to make for me that I give in to the sewing bug & make for the daughters instead. Retribution for that indecision is a pretty empty wardrobe & not a lot I like to wear anymore! oops! Here’s to a year of making the right stuff!

  3. Wow, I adore your Pinterest boards! I’m glad you mastered the toile too. I hope the architect series helps, it certainly crystallised a few things for me. Vague ideas that are now concrete and I’m able to express. A pattern and fabric cull has resulted and it’s liberating!

  4. Yay for inspiration! I love your pinterest board. You’ve pinned so many things that catch my eye and make me love a “look”.

  5. Great idea creating the Pinterest board – fabulous ideas! I have seen Wardrobe Architect, I have red the posts and even printed the list… I don’t think I will join. I will follow other with pleasure. I have made my wardrobe rearrangment few years ago. I am going for quality so I will make less garments – slow sewing. It will be for sure serve as a threapy for me.

    1. I don’t think I’ll make as many projects this year as I did last year – but I do recognise that I desperately need to do something about replenishing my wardrobe, and not continue to add to Daughter No2’s!

  6. I find my pinterest boards to be really interesting. They show definite style themes that I will be referring to as I do the work on Wardrobe Architect. Glad you’re making progress.

    1. It was a great relief. After spending so much time on making things for the girls, I am quite ready to replenish my wardrobe, but I want to do it the right way, not just make stuff & jam it in, to find I have stuff I don’t really want to wear, or worse still, stuff that doesn’t go!

  7. I am glad you’re feeling positive again and the jungle jan blouse worked out fantastic – now I’m going to have to catchup with the Architect thigny … sounds interesting.

    Oh and please do sew more for yourself. I love seeing the creations for Belle and the store but miss seeing your face smiling too 🙂

    1. I wasn’t going to do the WA thing, but actually, I think it could really work. And I need to sew more for me, my wardrobe is looking quite sad…

  8. I like the idea of the Wardrobe Architect; I won’t be officially participating though, as I already do something similar on a regular basis 🙂 I started doing it last year when I realized I wasn’t wearing ANY of my makes, and it wasn’t making me happy to sew anymore as a result.

    I think it’s super important to be very aware of your style and what works for you, which is something we can very easily forget or get distracted from when we’re also blogging our creations and being influenced by how people might respond to them or what others are making. I often hear people say “this is a boring blog item” or “i didn’t blog this because it was too basic” but in the end if you feel fabulous in what you make and it actually becomes part of your wardrobe, I think that’s way more inspirational than making something just for the sake of blogging it ^__^

    1. Oh definitely easy to get distracted! Most of the garments I like to wear are simple, but I like to be able to put some sort of detail in, hopefully I will be able to raid the Pinterest board for the right ideas, and not try to put too much in. Fingers crossed this excercise works for me, goodness knows I need it to! 🙂

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