Plans for a Christmas Surprise

Vintage jacket from 1935
Vintage jacket from 1935

Hellooo everyone!  I have found something I cannot use a commercial pattern for, so am back to a bit of pattern cutting, even though it is not something modern.  I found this image on Pinterest originally, which then lead me to the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.  They have, quite literally, millions of images of the most amazing fashion sketches!

This jacket is beautiful!  The wide revers, short front waist & scoop tails at the back are just begging to be made up!  I have sort-of decided to get this made up for Daughter No2 for Christmas.   I will have to see how I manage the fittings so she doesn’t realise what I’m up to, but I really would like to give it a go.  I have a black & grey wool check that would work well, especially if I use a good, rich contrast colour for the lining.  Bound buttonholes on this garment will be a must, I think!

So I’d best be off then, still have three unfinished projects on my sewing table from vintage commercial patterns in my other venture….

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

20 thoughts on “Plans for a Christmas Surprise”

    1. lol! I recon you could use that new bellatrix pattern you’re waiting for & come up with something similar…

  1. What a beautiful jacket! Thank you for posting the NY Public Library link. I had no idea they had images of this kind!
    Can’t wait to see your daughter’s finished jacket….

    1. Aaah – dude! They have such images as would have you drooling all over your keyboard!! I have wasted many hours flipping through the image gallery. It’s worse than Pinterest, & that’s really saying something! 😀

  2. That is a beautiful jacket! And thanks for sharing that link. I love to get ideas and there looks to be a wealth of them there! Looking forward to seeing the finished jacket- and good luck keeping it a secret! ~Laurie

    1. Be wary of that Digital Gallery, people have been known to visit & never come back, too interested in the amazing images than real life…

  3. Oh goodness, I want the hat! I bought a book on millinery recently, but I just started grad school and haven’t had time to try anything like that.

  4. So lovely!! You know… if you’re making one you may as well make a second for yourself at the same time; it’s only logical 😉

  5. That is an amazing jacket design. I’ve recently drafted a jacket block and this will be a variation when I perfect it.

    1. Actually, I think this time I’m guilty of biting off waaaaay more than I can chew! 😉 Not sure I’m actually even going to get this started, never mind finished, in time.. 😦

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