Veronica – a 50’s inspired wiggle skirt


And so the skirt story continues…  This fabulous little number is the 2nd of the wiggle skirts to be made from the same basic pattern.  This one & Barbara share the same bones, only the pocket treatments are different.  And this one is 4cm longer.

The fantastic fabric was a purchase from Rosenberg at the Sewing Show in Birmingham earlier this year & we love the colour!  The lining is in a similar colour from Fred Winter in Stratford on Avon.  So unfortunately this doesn’t count as a stash busting project as I bought the fabric this year, but it is only the 5th project I’ve specifically bought fabric for – out of a total of 50 projects of all sorts completed so far this year, I think that’s pretty good going!  I’m not counting the fabric I need to buy for the Etsy shop items though, that would be unrealistic!

Barbara on the left & Veronica on the right.
Barbara on the left & Veronica on the right.

Veronica was “inspired” by a rather fabulous late 1940’s dress pattern I’d seen on Pinterest.  It has some really interesting style lines, but I loved the pocket treatments on the skirt.

McCalls 7719 afternoon frock  with interesting pockets
McCalls 7719 afternoon frock with interesting pockets

Again, I used the dart as a seamline and created the pockets from there.  The dart needed to be moved over towards the centre a bit, & angled further to create the right line.  I drew it all on the pattern in pencil to start & ran up a quick toile to check the angles, then drew all over the toile to correct the shape!  This is what the final pieces ended up looking like…  Sorry it’s all a bit fuzzy, darned mobile camera is not the best.

veronica 2
Veronica – the pattern pieces

I will definitely do a tutorial on how to make both Veronica & Barbara in the next month or so, so if you’d like to make a skirt like this for yourself, follow the instructions to draft & fit a basic skirt block so you’re ready!

So, without further ado, I give you..  Veronica!  😀


Bound hem hand stitched in place.
Bound hem hand stitched in place.
Another succes - I think..  ;)
Another succes – I think.. 😉




Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

22 thoughts on “Veronica – a 50’s inspired wiggle skirt”

  1. Oooh i love it!! I’m so glad you showed closeups because the texture of the fabric really makes it extra special. Love the pockets!!!

  2. This is just gorgeous – the colour, the fabric and I love your finishing! I tend to finish hems the same way – it’s neat, tidy and looks pretty.

  3. The yellow is such a happy color. That fabric is divine!! I love wiggle skirts. The combination is a dream. I think this skirt is on of those wardrobe staples that you could wear a ton of different ways.

  4. The skirts look so lovely on your daughter.

    Thank you for being so generous in doing a tutorial as I’d love to try the pockets you’ve created. I’m going to make a start on drafting a skirt block today, in readiness.

  5. Fantastic skirt! Can’t wait to read on and learn how to create my own version. I love the recreation of the details from the inspiration pattern.

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