How can it be February already?

Where does the time go??  January has been a blast, so many new things!  Resolutions are still going strong, I wonder how long they will all last!  I decided 2013 would be the year of “Do something different“.   So what am I doing?

  • Fabrics & sewing:  I have to use up my stash of fabrics and patterns!  I have decided that for every 2 pieces of fabric I use from my stash, I am allowed to buy 1 piece of fabric new.  IF I need it.  Of course, notions, linings and interfacings are completely absolved from this!
  • Getting out & about:  Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim has a “A Photo A Day” challenge.  There are word prompts for each day, and you’re encouraged to interpret these for your photo.  I’ve had a great time so far.  I do not have a fancy camera, and sometimes have to rely on my phone, but I’ve discovered some really cool apps and editing software online.  My new header was made using PicMonkey‘s collage options!
A couple of my photos from the January prompts
A couple of my photos from the January prompts
  • Burda challenge.  Melissa of Fehr Trade made something from each of her Burdas every month last year.  Now sometimes you get your new issue and think, “meh, there’s nothing really in there”.  Or there’s too much on & you don’t get round to making anything at all.  I have way too many Burda magazines that have folded down corners bookmarking the patterns I wanted to make, but never got round to it.  So this year I am going to make at least one pattern from each Burda of 2013.  Not necessarily in the month it comes out, but during the year, at least.  This one’s got off to a rocky start, because I haven’t even chosen one from January yet!
  • Joining in.  Jungle January was just the start!  Daughter No2 and I will be partaking in Scruffy Badger’s Polka Dot Fest, but not with a dress.  Remember the spotty fabric sample we got from Ditto Fabrics at the beginning of January?  She fancies that for some capri trousers, so I have traced out an older Burda pattern for her and we’ll get that done this month.
  • Karen from Did you make that? has the 2013 Sewlutions, and I’m in the jar!  I promised to pattern cut some (a) shirt for husband this year.  I must do this, I’ve had fabric form him hanging around so ling some of it has migrated to becoming shrits for the girls & myself!  Poor bloke!  I may even make him a whole suit, but let’s not push my luck too far, ok?
  • Fancy a 1940’s sew-along?  Rochelle from Lucky Lucille hinted earlier in January that she may be hosting one in February, I’m looking forward to that!  I have the perfect fabric for a little summer dress for Daughter No2.  I bought it on impulse 2 years ago from Linda Harper’s in Kenilworth.
Vintage feel cotton fabrics from Linda Harper.  I'm going to use the blue floral print on the right.
Vintage feel cotton fabrics from Linda Harper. I’m going to use the blue floral print on the right.  So far I’ve only managed to use the bright green one and the blue & green next to it!
  • The biggest something different is going to be starting this weekend!  I’m not going to say any more about it just yet, suffice to say it will be fun!  Pop back tomorrow …

I have managed to make the pattern & toile of a biker-style jacket for Daughter no1, which Daughter No2 is kindly modelling here.

Biker-style jacket toile, & no, I haven't ironed it  yet..
Biker-style jacket toile, & no, I haven’t ironed it yet..

Daughter No1 will be home this weekend, so I will get to make some fitting adjustments and get cracking with the grey herringbone twill.  I think it’s going to loook fab!

How are your resolutions doing??




Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

17 thoughts on “How can it be February already?”

  1. I’ve not made any sew-lutions this year, and won’t. I’m late with the Jungle January – hope to finish it up when I’m done reading all today’s blog posts – and have some lovely polka dots that would be perfect for the Polka Dot February, minus the NL pattern. And I’m really liking the challenge of making up one garment from each of Burda’s 2013 issues. Now THAT is something that I’d like to do. When I finish up with SWAP, of course. *eep!*

    1. I hadn’t intended to do anything until I found the photo a day challenge, on New Year’s Eve! That’s what kick-started me. It sounds like you have loads on your plate afterall!

  2. I haven’t done any sew-lutions this year either but may be inadvertently doing some anyway. I need to sew so many things that it would be silly $$ to buy fabric etc and patterns for all of them, so I’m using the stash as much as possible.

    I am also thinking of making a few things from my little stack of BurdaStyle mags so there’s a bit of a nod to Melissa’s activity I guess too. Hmmm, I could do more of that too.

    I think your list is very impressive and you have a good reason for doing each item on it. Very cool.

  3. Oooh, I love your new blog header! Very pretty!! 🙂

    Nice idea with the Burda makes – I may have to challenge myself to give that a go as well…. Maybe we need a Burda magazine month, like Jungle January or Polka Dot February, but with making things from Burda magazines instead? Hmmmm…..

    Joining in is fun! I’m going to do the Polka Dot one as well, although not with the New Look pattern (since it’s miles from my style, cute though it looks on everyone else!).

    I love the look of that biker jacket you’re making !

    1. Thank you! The jacket is a version of a burda pattern, but I have learn’t with Daughter No1, the Burda sizes & shapes don’t fit her, so I needed to pattern cut it instead. Are you using a vintage pattern for the polka dot fest? And yes, I do think we need a dedicated Burda making month! 😀

      1. Oh yes, definitely will be using a vintage pattern for the Polka Dot fun! I just need to track down some polka dot fabric from my stash, I know I’ve got some hiding in their somewhere…..

    1. I’ve done so much! The patterns are under way for the Polka-dot Fest (we aren’t using NL6000), I have signed up for the 1940’s sew-along, and made a start on drafting the patterns for that today. I have also finally traced a whole 2 patterns from January’s Burda, & 3 from February! I’m cooking with gas! 😀

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