While I am waiting…

It seems Royal Mail had plans for me.  The sample order for the giraffe print was sent off to Ditto Fabrics last Thursday, first class.  Ditto got it yesterday!  They have popped the samples all in the post already today, but chances are it could take another week (with a first class SSAE) to get back to me!  I do object paying for a certain service, and then getting a sub-standard one!  In addition, my lavender is late, ribbons had to be fast tracked, and everything is just going to pot this week!

So I decided to keep busy I’d make a start on an up-cycling project.  Friends of mine own a coffee roasting business in Stratford on Avon.  They donated a pile of their coffee sacks to me last week.  Their coffee beans come from the monsoon areas of the world, hence their name:  Monsoon Estates.  This is where the jungly bit comes in.  In a bit of a nod to the antics going on for Jungle January, and until the postman brings me my sample – (deep breaths…) I have chopped up some of the large sacks they get their beans in.  Cleverly I didn’t take any “before” pics.  I can say though that hessian bags like these are hard on the scissors!  You have to put some serious welly into the cutting motion too, so my hands were a little sore after all the chopping.

Another tip.  Domestic overlockers do not like industrial-weight hessian.  My threads kept snapping, but I have persevered!  In an attempt not to put too much “new” into the bags I am going to finish them off with as much as I can find in my stash boxes, but I know I need proper webbing for the handles.  So here’s a couple of iffy (crappy) pics from my phone.  Husband has the camera today, and my Nokia’s camera is not the best on the planet.

Coffee tote bags in progress
Coffee tote bags in progress

and another:

Some of the tote bags made from hessian coffee bean sacks.
Some of the tote bags made from hessian coffee bean sacks.

So that’s the state of the totes so far.  I still need to put handles on them all, and I have found some black and red wide bias binding in my trimmings box to cover the rough nasty edges.  Hope to finish them all tonight!  😀

In other news, I have finished the pattern for the grey herringbone twill, it’s just awaiting a toile and fitting.  With Daughter No1 firmly ensconsed back at Uni I will have to make a trip with the toile.  Hopefully by then I have finished the pattern for the 60’s coat and got my giraffe print so I can pop into Fancy Silks and grab a yummy lining while I’m in Birmingham.  Might as well…  ;p

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

12 thoughts on “While I am waiting…”

  1. I understand your antisepation and disapointment. More fabric stores on this side of the pond would be wonderful. Hope your “stuff” comes soon. Good luck with your temporary project 🙂

    1. I have found they tend to cater more for quilters & patchworkers around me, precious few dressmaking stores. Thank goodness for tinternet! 😀

  2. Bugger about the mail. When we need it most it makes us wait ….. I bet your sewing room smells wonderful though with all those coffee laced bags?

    1. Oh, you have no idea… the beans are just as they come, ot roasted. And wet hessian smells worse than wet dog – MUCh, MUCH worse!! 😀 Thank goodness for the lavender!

      1. heehee, yeah. They were wet ’cause I washed them, they were pretty dirty. :s Now dry and massively sprayed with febreeze they’re clean & ready to use for shopping!

  3. I am really jealous! i would love to be donated these!! They make great chair covers if you ever fancy reupholstering some, say, conservatory furniture!

    I am hoping to take a course when I’m back in the UK, I’m gonna ruddy do it!!

    bundana x

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