“Distractions”, or “The best laid plans…”

So, Jungle January.  See how quickly the “plan” I had laid down last year in late November has derailed.  I was going to make the spotty silk, then the duck egg corduroy, then the grey herringbone for Daughter no1.   Plans!  HA!!  Then Anne at Pretty Grievances lured me away with jungly antics.  Focus..  “squirrel!”

I will make the grey herringbone – I have to!  Daughter No1 is only at home until Sunday, then she’s back off to uni, and apparently won’t be visiting half as much this term as she did in the Autumn.  So I have to do this.  But I’m getting distracted by animal prints, 60’s swing coats and thoughts of bright jewel-like sparkly linings.

While I wait for the giraffe print to arrive from Ditto I had a browse through my vintage patterns.  This make is going to have to be quick if it’s going to be made in January, as I only have next week to myself, then I have two weeks of jury duty looming.  TWO WEEKS!!  😮

None of these fit the bill,

A selection of 60's patterns
A selection of 60’s patterns

Just my luck, I had no swing jackets.  So I will pattern cut it.  I used these to give me an idea for details for the giraffe jacket.  Maybe it won’t be done in January afterall…

Sketch for 60's style swing jacket with contrast binding and bound buttonholes
Sketch for 60’s style swing jacket with contrast binding and bound buttonholes – maybe!

It has daughter No2’s approval, provided I don’t make the pleat in the back too big.  So now I have work to do!

I also gave myself a bit of a challenge.  Today Karen at Did you make that? threw down the New Year’s Resolution gauntlet.  She has challenged us to put our money where our mouths are by committing to one resolution.  No going back, no hiding, no getting away from it.  Like she says, she has a long memory, and a jar!  Head over to her blog to read more about it, and join in if you dare! (But make it quick, you have limited time left!)

My resolution is to actually get something done for husband.  Long suffering, much ignored (sewing wise) husband.  Last year I started to do some pattern cutting for him, but more interesting and pretty things distracted me.  Sound familiar?  So this year I am committing to pattern cut him some shirts – that he will be prepared to wear!  I will stick my neck out a bit (ok, quite far) and say that I’d really like to make him a tailored suit too, but that’s not going on my definite list!!

Will I do it??  Keep checking to see…  ;p

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

17 thoughts on ““Distractions”, or “The best laid plans…””

    1. It’s one of my favourites, disguises a multitude of sins! Of course, Daughter No2 doesn’t need to hide anything! grrr

  1. Gorgeous design drawing. I have a very similar vintage pattern – in fact I think it is the same minus the pleat at the back.

    1. Ooo, you couldn’t let me know the make and number could you? I may save some time if I could grab one off eBay…

  2. Lovely jacket sketch – I am looking forward to seeing your progress. Doesn’t life always make things complicated? My daughter doesn’t live with us any more so any sewing for her is in tiny time bites so I understand the whole ‘university’ pressure – I have not had jury duty to deal with yet!
    Good luck with all of your plans.

    1. Thanks, cracking on today! Of course the best laid plans always go awry, I checked the bodice block toile on Daughter No 1 this morning, it doesn’t quite fit! After re-measuring I discover the little darling has done some growing since July when I made the block! So I’m back to the beginning. humphf

  3. Can’t wait to see this new jacket. Have you ever made the inside of pleats from another fabric? They actually lay really flat if the inside panel (what you see when it flies open) is cut separate and seamed where the inside folds would be. People don’t expect it, be daring! Wish I could sketch as well as you do…gorgeous!

    1. Hmm, I have done that with pleats before, hadn’t considered it for this, but you never know…. As for the sketching, I use a book of templates, I just need to draw the clothes over the top of the bodies!

    1. I think there is movement in the deadline, at least, I don’t see an official one anywhere, thank goodness! 😀

  4. I love that jacket and I love your resolution. My husband is sewing deprived too, so I’m planning to make him a shirt. Having promised to sew him a waistcoat a couple of years ago, and some trousers quite some time before that…I really have to deliver on this. Pattern and fabric are on the table…just need to get the kids back to school.
    BTW… can I suggest you pack some hand sewing or a sketch pad for the jury duty. Often there is LOTS of sitting around with nothing to do. 😉

    1. Oh no! That’s what I’m afraid of! I can’t stand sitting around doing nothing! Even sitting listening to whatever it’s going to be is going to be bad!

      Re doing things for hubby, I have bought patterns for warious things inthe past, even 4 lengths of Paul Smith shirting for him – unfortunately the shirting ended up being used for “other people”! & the patterns, they’re in the bottom of the pattern box – somewhere… *blushing*

  5. Oh swing coat. Cool idea. What? Two weeks? Hang on you could make it in a jungle print with bright lining? Anything is possible y’know.

    PS can you hand stitch during the two weeks jury duty? Knit perhaps? Probably not I s’pose. Sigh.

  6. Swing coat idea looks super! As for sitting around – I always like watching the ‘passing-parade’ of fashion, getting ideas ready for the sewing onslaught…J

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