A double Christmas present, the fabric was a gift a few years ago!
A double Christmas present, the fabric was a gift a few years ago!

Well now, would you look at this.  I have actually made two of the items I had planned to do lately..  This from someone who doesn’t plan!  I finished this jacket on Tuesday, but the weather was not playing ball for photos.  With a breather in the clouds and rain today, Daughter No1 & I decided some fresh air and photos was in order.  I still had cards to deliver too!

Delivering Christmas cards in my new jacket!
Delivering Christmas cards in my new jacket!

This is the pattern I made back in November – last year!  I had been toying with the darted sleeve head idea and ran up a toile, but realised with the extended shoulders that the rever and collar were going to need adjustment. No problem, but I couldn’t make up my mind on the fabric.  I eventually used the original collar and rever and made a different sleeve, which resulted in this jacket.

Jacket unbuttoned.
Jacket unbuttoned.

I finally chose a fabric to use for the darted sleeve version,  a duck-egg blue fine wale corduroy from Ditto Fabrics that a friend had given me for a Christmas present.  But I had no lining or buttons so it languished in the cupboard for a while.  More than a while, actually!  If you check out the other jacket photos you will see the difference in the collar and revers.  I actually prefer the width of these ones, I think the previous revers were too narrow for that jacket too!

A walk in the park, loving my big shoulders!
A walk in the park, loving my big shoulders!

I did lengthen the front of this jacket, something I noticed after wearing the other one was that it could have done with being about 2-3cm longer in the front. I also added welt pockets.  I realised at the first fitting that the jacket was looking a little plain and boring, so I quickly got cracking with the welts!  Note to self – decide on pockets before making up fronts and attaching to backs…     The pocket bags use some left-over silk from my Pattern Magic blouse.  I know you’re supposed to use some of the shell fabric so the lining fabric isn’t seen, but this is way too pretty to hide!

Dotty silk from the Pattern Magic blouse
Dotty silk from the Pattern Magic blouse

The extended sleeves have some fusible wadding sew into the sleeve head seam to add support, and I moved the shoulder pads over slightly too, nothing worse than a collapsing sleeve head!  The lining was a bargain from the Fancy Silk store in Birmingham, Jaeger cupro for just £3.99/m!  Buttons are metal from Fred Winter’s in Stratford.  I would have prefered to have a matching set, but so few places sell the same styles in different sizes.  So I have horses on my sleeve vents and pretty ones down the front.

Lining & pretty silver buttons
Lining & pretty silver buttons
Silver horsey buttons, appropriate for living in the country.
Silver horsey buttons, appropriate for living in the country.








I love this jacket.  I love the colour, love the fit and love, love, love the sleeves!  What is it with me and sleeves?  :s  Anyhow, I now need to move onto the herringbone twill for Daughter No1’s biker-ish jacket from the Burda mag, but I will be pattern cutting it to her measurements.  Maybe I will wait a couple of days first, something tells me there is an important date approaching sometime next week.  ;p



So, Happy Christmas to everyone, I hope you all get loads of what you’ve asked for (fabric & some new books in my case…).  Enjoy spending time with your families and friends.  😀

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

18 thoughts on “Miracle”

  1. Ooh fabric & new books sounds lovely! I hope you get all you wished for!! 🙂

    The jacket turned out very smart – that lining looks so sumptuous and soft 🙂 I checked out the first version of the jacket and I must say… the sleeves on that one are so cool too, and I love how you have two totally different looks from essentially the same pattern – how awesome is that? ^__^

    1. I know, cool hu?? I must try to do it again! 😀 I do like the Jaeger linings, I used to be able to get them at my local fabric shop, but they don’t stock them anymore.

  2. What a beautiful jacket! Love all the details, and isn’t it a great feeling getting an old project done and wearable?

    1. Thanks! I am really glad I have made it now, it means the pattern really does work, and I can make another 😀

  3. Very nice! I love the detail in the jacket – particularly the sleeves.
    I hope you get the books/fabric you are hoping for. I’m sure you have been ‘good’ this year so you are in with a chance 😉

    1. Good.. well. I do try, anyway! I really don’t need any more fabric, but you know what it’s like, there is always something better in the shop! 😀 There is some ponte jersey in a fabric shop in Leamington Spa with my name on.

  4. Hey, you also call this colour duck egg blue! I used a coat fabric in a very similar colour recently (my redingote, blogged about here: http://petitmainsauvage.blogspot.nl/2012/12/the-big-coat-reveal.html ) and as long as I’ve had that fabric in my stash, I’ve refered to it as duck egg blue.
    It suits you really well too 😉
    Great job on the pattern, drafting one’s own jacket can quite a challenge, I know. I really like that darted sleeve head.
    I just came here via Burdastyle because I’m always interested in others who draft their own patterns.

    1. thank you! It is a great colour, I love it with my hair. This is the 7th self drafted jacket, my tailored jacket block has been well used! I also drafted a coat, but that I made before I started blogging so it hasn’t featured on here! I’m glad to see you visiting, I’ve been following your work on Burdastyle for a while! 🙂

  5. Oh that fabric is just to die for. I love duck egg blue…such a wonderful colour. It looks so beautiful on you. And the jacket itself is wonderful.
    I’m sure Father Christmas will have a bulging sack of lovely goodies for you…have an amazing christmas

  6. Your jacket is the perfect shape for your figure. Did you self draft as I can’t see a reference to the pattern number. Love the cordoroy too.

    1. Hi Gail, yes, it is self drafted, that’s what this blog is all about. If you follow the first highlighted link you will see the pattern pieces and toile process.

  7. I do like the darted sleeves and you’re right that the shorter length and wider reeves are better. All in all this jacket looks fantastic. You make a very stylish card deliverer!

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