Pattern Magic Magic!

Well now, here is one pattern I will definitely be using again!  And with 4 different looks available from just 4 different facings, I am going to have a field day!

This top is fabulous!
This top is fabulous!

This is the blue silk with spots that I think I got from Rosenberg & Sons, a very long time ago!  There never seemed to be the right pattern for it, so it languished in my silks box for years.  I had been dreaming of a bias cut, cowl necked top for a bit, and after the pattern Magic weekend I ran, I wanted to try out the Different Looks, Different Facings patterns in Pattern Magic 2.

Image from Pattern Magic 2, Different looks, Different Facings
Image from Pattern Magic 2, Different looks, Different Facings

Basically you draft one front with cowl etc, and choose from 4 different facings, or draft them all and vary them later!  I went with the asymmetrical one first, and cut the back bodice on the straight, leaving in all the darts etc so that I’d have a shaped blouse, not a floppy one!

Image from pattern Magic 2, showing three of the four facings
Image from pattern Magic 2, showing three of the four facings

I went with a fairly plain sleeve.  I used Winnie’s semi-fitted sleeve, and shortened it to 3/4 length, which is my preferred length for sleeves.  The drafting process whas fairly easy, but I would say that if you have a larger bust you may find it nigh on impossible to get the cowl measurement the same on the bodice and the facing.  When I did the pattern in 1/4 scale for the workshop I used a Winnifred Aldrich standard size 12 block, and it worked just fine.  But with a non-standard size the numbers just didn’t play ball.  In the end I re-shaped the facing to fit the longer length altered neckline on the front pattern piece.  It worked out ok I think!

Nice shaped back, no "tenting"!
Nice shaped back, no “tenting”!

I am sorry if these pics seem slightly blurred, Daughter No2 doesn’t seem to be able to hold a camera steady!

I'm definitely making more of these!
I’m definitely making more of these!

And a wobbly self portrait to finish off!  I took this last night, immediately after finishing it.  I was so happy that it had worked out even better than I had imagined!

DSC00102Right, I’m off to draft the other facings! Oh, and to get started on the duck egg corduroy jacket.  I was in Birmingham on Monday morning with Daughter No1 and we popped into the Fancy Silk Stores.  I got a fabulous silver Jaeger lining for the jacket, so now there are no more excuses not to get it made!


I tried out the v-neck version today, not so impressed.  I removed the v-neck facing and put the asymmetrical one in instead – MUCH better!  I think that’s the one for me then, can’t complain really!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

18 thoughts on “Pattern Magic Magic!”

  1. What a fabulous top. I have just finished a course at Morley concentrating on Pattern Magic 1 but have your Pattern Magic 2 book too. I think this pattern will go on my wish list now – and it doesn’t look too scary in the way others in the book do!

    1. It wasn’t difficult to do at all, just watch the measurement on the neckline tallying up with the facing one. there was no way on earth I could get it the same after I’d opened up the neck dart, so I had to work backwards!

  2. That pattern made no sense to me in pictures, but it is lovely in real life. That fabric is delicious!

    1. Oh, it’s great! It didn’t even slip around too much! I recon it’s the twill weave that does it. Pretty well behaved for silk!

    1. Thanks! It’s always better to see it on a normal sized human too! I recon it will look completely different in a cotton. I’ll do one in the summer – if we get one next year. :s

  3. another triumph I see – looks great and the silk is beautiful too. I picked up pattern magic 1&2 in Manchester a couple of months ago – carried them half way round the world and have vowed to make something from them… and now you’ve just inspired me… keep up the good work

    1. haha, It’s not a big box, the linens, cottons and wools have much bigger boxes. But then again, you can fit more silk into a space than you can wool… ;p

  4. I love it! I got the book, so I’m definitely going to try this technique out. Bravo! It looks fabulous!

  5. I really find your tops inspiring. Once again a great combination of style and fabric. And BTW thanks for the guilt trip about never using my Pattern Magic books. 2013 resolution!

  6. Oh wow I can see why you were so excited and rocking on with the other necklines. This one is perfect. Now I’m gonna read the next posts to see what you did next ….. :o)

    1. Aah, I need to make more still!! I did try the ordinary “V”, but didn’t like how it ended up, although it may have been the fabric, rather than the pattern. I will be trying out some of the others though, so don’t givve up on me just yet! 😀

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