Excuses, excuses!

A week has passed, and there hasn’t been much whirring of the old sewing machine.  This is silly season for gift shops and the like, so the demand to keep stock levels up is pretty high.

So in the last week, I have used 1.5kg of clay and completely lost track of how many times I had to stock up on pretty silver, gold and red ribbons.  I have used pretty much all my felt, run out of magnets twice, embroidery thread loads of times and had to stock up on cardamom pods and cloves like there was no tomorrow.

What on earth was I doing with all that stuff you ask…

The felt, embroidery thread, gold and silver ribbons, cardamom, cloves and star anise was for these:

Felt spiced owls
Felt spiced owls

Then the clay, and even more ribbon was for these:

Clay ornaments, also very useful as gift tags, as they can be written on!
Clay ornaments, also very useful as gift tags, as they can be written on!
Clay ornament/gift tag
Clay ornament/gift tag




How cute are these!  I found some of these ribbons on a soggy stall at the Morton in Marsh Christmas Fair last weekend, in ALL that rain, from a lady who will have an online sewing goodies shop, that will be called: “pandorasewingbox”  So look out for it after Christmas, she has some absolutely FABULOUS ribbons!

And the remainder of the felt and embroidery thread, and the magnets were for these:

Heart on a string.  Felt stuffed hearts on garden twine, cute in the tree, cute on a doorknob.
Heart on a string. Felt stuffed hearts on garden twine, cute in the tree, cute on a doorknob.

I used the same hearts without the string and popped a small magnet in the back, so they can attatch to your fridge, or a metal surround of a mirror.  I did a Christmas Fair in Oxfordshire today, and my stuff went fairly well.  One of my students had made an order for 10 of the owls, and the rest will all go into “The Arter”, a gift shop in Stratford on Avon that stocks work by local artists.  I did so much talking my throat hurts!  I love networking though, I met Sara Page who is a surface pattern designer and who teaches on the course Daughter No1 is taking at Birmingham City University.  I also just may have a possibility of a new job, doing a little patterncutting teaching!  Fingers crossed!  😀

My stand at Sibford School fair
My stand at Sibford School fair

This is the table that showcased a small snapshop of the work at The Arter, ceramics, pottery, glass, textiles, and painting.  It’s a great place to buy gifts if you are in the Stratford Area!

So this weekend I have a Sewing Sunday, the last of the year, and after that I plan to get cracking with the stuff from the previous post, starting with the silk top and the Pattern Magic adaptations!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

15 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses!”

    1. Thank you! I have made so many of those little guys now, I see them in my sleep! 😀 A new idea is to make them without spices and in the colours of people’s teams, ie. football, rugby, etc. Or even school colours!

  1. Oh man I wish I was in the Stratford area! Other than for the wonderful weather though, from the sounds of it. As it rained there is rained here that weekend if that makes it any better :o).

    The little things look very cute. Love the idea of the clay ornaments and the owls and the hearts. My kids would have a brilliant time making stuff with clay – oh I can imagine the mess and smiles and and and …

    1. Stratford is fine, but you guys have waaay more summer than we do, stay where you are!!! 😀 Go or it with the kids and clay, you don’t even have to paint it if you use the right stuff for texturising!

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