Simply Red

After a 24 mile round trip I have a red invisible zip, and now a completed dress!  I am also definitely ordering a stock of zips from Jaycotts.  I paid £3.90 for a 52cm long invisible zip!  That’s madness!!  Anyway, rant over, here’s the completed dress, and a happy Daughter No2 in the sunshine to show it off.

We love a little contrast, this turquoise belt is great with the red.

The panels work really well, tailoring the bodice to her shape.  The stretch cotton has a tendence to, well, stretch.  So the lining is a stretch cotton poplin, with much less movement to keep the whole thing together.

Why can’t we have more sun? Everything is so much better for it, including these pretty poppies.

The back was kept simple.  There is just one seam, I really don’t think it needed any more than that.

The back is simple, just two panels!

For some extra info, this dress was cut from the 2-piece dress block (from Winnifred Aldrich’s Metric Pattern Cutting) and adapted to the sleeveless block.


Next time we’ll have more fabric to play with, and will make a fuller skirt.  For now though, Daughter No2 is very happy with her new dress.  Will the weather gods please let us have some sun so she can wear it??


Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

18 thoughts on “Simply Red”

  1. Ouch on the zip! But your daughter looks amazing in the dress and it came together very fast. I love the turquoise against the red!

  2. It’s funny how some items are easily available in some places and difficult to find somewhere else… There is no shortage of zippers where I live, but very often I read about some materials on blogs abroad and can’t even translate what they used… and anyway it’s not available 🙂

    The dress turned out very, very pretty, joining Oona wishing you’d me my sewing mum 🙂

    1. Yeah, and it’s also a problem when the age group who do most of the sewing in my little town are (much),much older. They’ve never used concealed (invisible) zips. Thanks for the compliments, I’ll be sure to tell the girls they are very, very lucky to have me! 😀

  3. Simply stunning, too. I’m so impressed that you drafted this yourself. Incredible!

  4. Ooo and there’s a stripey bias version in the works? Did I read that right? I love the panels and the simplicity of the shape plus the belt and the colours and, oh the poppies. Pretty girl too – good genes there for sure :o)

    PS glad you found a zip, even if it was a rather long way to go for it…

    1. A stripey, bias cut dress, yes, a stripey, bias cut version of this?? No. It would drive me mad with the stripes and the definite inability to line them all up properly!! :s It’s almost finished, watch this space!

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