Post Excitement

Isn’t it fab when sewing goodies arrive in the post?  It’s exciting when something you’ve ordered appears in the posite’s hand, but when it’s something you’ve been waiting for, and don’t even know what’s in there, it’s even better!  I participated in TJ‘s One cool thing / One strange thing swap this month and my randomly selected sender of fabric goodness was Jeyco, although I didn’t know who’d I’d got until the stuff arrived!  So the parcel with Japanese stamps on was squealed over – big time!!

Here’s what was inside:

Liberty print cottons from Jeyco   Blue paisley print Liberty cotton, 0.6m;  Beige and turquoise Liberty print cotton, 2m;
Gingham silk and Japanese Pattern  Lime green silk gingham, 1.2m;    
Madly colourful print: Orange, green and yellow print fabric, 2m.

This is what Jeyco thought was the coolest item in the package, and I have to agree with her, although I thought the sewing pattern was a pretty close second and the silk, and the cottons….  So what to do with all this stuff???  That green gingham is going to find its way into a jacket, I was thinking of a grey linen jacket, and to have that silk to line it would be loverly!

The Libertys, I thought the blue would line a cropped navy linen jacket I have on the go at the moment, and the turquoise and beige is going to be a blouse/top.  It’s so pretty!  I stood no chance with this mad print, the moment Daughter No 2 saw it she wanted it!!  I’m feeling a 60’s dress….  Such excitement over the post!

Now to find the time..  there wasn’t any of that in the parcel!  Thank you so much TJ for organising this little swap, and Jeyco for sending me all cool stuff!

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

8 thoughts on “Post Excitement”

    1. I know right?? Thing is at the moment that seems to be all I’m doing – fabric stashing!! Time to sew methinks!

  1. Wow- droolworthy fabrics! I like all your ideas for the fabrics too. Can’t wait to see the first garment!

    1. I think the navy linen jacket will be first finished, as I already have it 1/2 made. I was scratching my head about a lining, and here one is!

  2. Ye gads that is truly awesome! Is that Liberty the Japanese issue (they do different editions for the Japan market that don’t sell anywhere else)? Also the colourful fabric is brilliant, so Pucci! Start with the paisleystartwiththepaisly! I wanna see what you make!

    1. LOL!! That Liberty is pretty cool! I haven’t seen a print like that here yet, but you never know, it may just be for the Japanese market. And yes, I think I will start with the blue paisley! 😀

  3. I’m happy you like them and your daughter likes that mad print silk. And your ideas of what to make with them is fantastic! I’m so excited too see what they turn out!

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