Feeling Guilty

Forgive me dear bloggers, for I have neglected to post for two weeks now.  I have given myself over to the pleasures of sewing bags, embroidering sheep, quilting crowns, playing with clay and stamps and sneezing over lavender bags.  I have not thanked Jeyco at I’m liking it! for sending me the most fantastic stuff via the One cool thing / One strange thing swap initiated by TJ at the Perfect Nose.  I didn’t send out my parcel to the fabulous (and to me, slightly intimidating) Oonaballoona until this Monday.  Forgive me, for I have been distracted.

Embroidered sheep cushions, French Knot heaven... or was it Hell?
Quilted, appliqued crown pincushions

For my penance I promise to refocus.  I will make a proper start on the pj’s for Karen’s Pyjama Party (only one and a bit weeks left).  Has anyone seen the fab board she has put together on Pinterest??  I will photograph the lovely fabrics sent by Jeyco and maybe propose what will become of them.  I will show you what daughter no 2 and I have been working on. Yes, a bit of pattern cutting has made its way onto the table over the Easter Hols.  Just a bit.  And I will get making the bra I have promised to make for the past year!  There is also a little pile of lovely stretch lace on the corner of my sewing table – inspired by Mary Portas’ Bottom Line, I bought some goodies from Gypsy Lace in Derby – online only.

Lovely stretch lace from Gypsy Lace, Teal, Black, Grey and Silver, and Beige

Like I needed to buy any more fabric???  *sigh*

Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

14 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty”

  1. I love the sheep cushions. They are so cute!

    I misunderstood and thought you and I were paired for swapping! But I’m glad to know you’ve got my stuff 🙂

    1. And lovely stuff it is too!! Daughter no 2 has her eye on the mad print, and I love the Liberty stuff and the green gingham silk is FABULOUS!! I’m going to give those patterns a try too. I will post it sometime this week, promise! 😀

  2. oh my goodness. i intimidate you? mais non! have a shot of something delicious and know that i will rip into your package with joy!!!

    like jeyco i misunderstood too, i thought the person i was sending to was my partner, this makes it even more of a surprise :)!

    1. Your stuff is so colourful and “out there”! I’m pretty tame in comparison! 😀 I do hope you like what you’re getting.. :s

        i just got my package, it is BANANAS! organza in every color of the rainbow! those stunning silks and linens and embroidered yards! WASH AWAY STABILIZER!! did you send this before my stabilizer post, do you have ESP?
        i’ll do a proper post soon but i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you… i’m off to tear into some fabric!

      2. YAY!! So glad it’s finally there, and so glad you like it!! 😀 Have fun tearing into it all!!

  3. Hi Anne W,
    Oh how funny! I too was confused about the swap. I thought we were doing it in pairs too. I only realized that this wasn’t the case when I read your post! Tee hee! No worries though- this makes it more fun and adds an element of surprise to the whole thing. Don’t worry about feeling guilty. It takes some time to take decent pictures and write a good post about it. Look forward to seeing your score!

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