Just like a Stole – Tea for Two

just like a stole
Just Like a Stole

So, another Pattern Magic pattern done, and I like this one!  The name comes from the fabric print, ladies who shop, and ladies who do tea!  I like the neckline, might just need to get used to it, it feels like the shoulders drop back a bit.  It might need a couple of hand stitches just in the front a little to hold it together, but we’ll see.

View from the back

I used French Seams throughout with this lightweight cotton.  The buttons were rescued from one of husband’s worn out Red Herring tops, and I used a coral-red thread for sewing them on.  The pattern in the book has the dart into the front seam, not practical for me.  I changed the pattern to have the centre front button opening and moved the darts to their normal position in the front.  But I wanted something interesting there.  I converted the one BIG waist dart into 3 smaller cluster darts.

dart pattern
Front pattern showing dart clusters

Ok, so it’s really messy, but this is the working pattern.  Initially I had the darts narrower, but on the toile I didn’t like it, so made them wider, and then wider again.  When I am finally happy with a pattern, I trace it out so there are no scrappy bits of paper, there’s no magic tape, and only one set of pencil lines!  This is the rest of the front working pattern:

Like a Stole adaptation - front

I don’t wear high rounded necklines, unless I really want to give the impression of having a mono-boob, so I made a v-neckline, but it is rounded a bit to make it softer.  I also cut a facing to support the front, buttonholes and the neckline.  As the pattern is so opened up the top part of the bodice sits on the bias, which will stretch in a second if you look at it sideways.  I stitched about 5cm along the valley fold line from the end of the neck dart to stop the stretch there.

Admiring my dart clusters..

“So what’s next?” you ask…  weeeeellllll.  I still want to do the flip-turn, the twisted tops, the drape with twist…  You get the picture!  But.  I have been making husband some pattern blocks so I guess the next thing just might be a shirt for him.  Maybe.  😀

Happy with my new Pattern Magic top!





Author: Anne W

I love fabric, and sewing. And I could do nothing else but sew, all day, every day, if I could!

7 thoughts on “Just like a Stole – Tea for Two”

  1. Oh wow. You are so talented Anne. I am in awe. This is such a wonderful fit. I love that fabric! I love most of all that you know exactly what you want to achieve and that you know exactly how to go about it. Can’t wait for that day when I have that amount of vision! 🙂

    1. Aaw thanks Janene! It doesn’t always go the way I plan though… You are always more than welcome to come up to Warwickshire on a Sunday for a pattern cutting class.. ;p

      1. Now that sounds like a great idea. Do you run them throughout the year? I can’t do it right now because Mr Ooobop! has a lot of weekend gigs and I would need to employ his childminding services, but I would absolutely love to do this sometime soon. I have been toying with the idea for far too long and need to put it into practice!

      2. Yes, usually the first Sunday of the month, check the “Handmade Classes” page for details, I update that regularly.

    1. Thanks, yeah and I have used soooo much scotch magic tape!!! I am loving it though, so that’s one massive check in that box! 😀

      1. You’re actually inspiring me to get off my @$$ and make stuff which is no small feat at the moment. The fact that you’re doing it remotely (i.e. without an actual cattle prod) is even more awesome.

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